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“I’ve Got All I Need For Thanksgiving”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, Ny, Weds. Nov. 25, 2015:  We all have something to be thankful for Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in America. But some Americans have far more to be thankful for. For all the benefits they reap.

President Obama – as always and for the 7th time – delivers an effervescent Thanksgiving message to the nation that is filled with empty phrases.

What if President Obama gave a meaningful Thanksgiving message?  Here is some of his actual Thanksgiving 2015 “proclamation” ….

Obama begins …. “Rooted in a story of generosity and partnership, Thanksgiving offers an opportunity for us to express our gratitude for the gifts we have and to show our appreciation for all we hold dear.”

How about my opening ….

Thanksgiving in 2015 is a day for rich and powerful Americans to celebrate how much more they have than most other American rather than con you that Thanksgiving  is a day we all share in the bounty. Too many don’t.

Back to President Obama’s ‘real’ message ….

“Our modern celebration of Thanksgiving can be traced back to the early 17th century. Upon arriving in Plymouth, at the culmination of months of testing travel that resulted in death and disease, the Pilgrims continued to face great challenges.”

My version ….

The Pilgrims who are the root of Thanksgiving in the 17th century faced many challenges. Today Americans face different challenges caused by inequality and discrimination, poverty and hunger for too many. The myth of Thanksgiving that it is reflection of the unity of the American family is nonsense individuals like myself articulate to hide the truth.

In his message Obama continues …

“Carrying us through trial and triumph, this sense of decency and compassion has defined our nation. President George Washington proclaimed the first Thanksgiving in our country’s nascence, calling on the citizens of our fledgling democracy to place their faith in “the providence of Almighty God,” and to be thankful for what is bequeathed to us.”

My more logical version …

When President Washington declared the first official Thanksgiving Day in 1789 almost all Americans other than the million of enslaved Africans had good reason to rejoice. Their America and they themselves faced a future of unlimited potential. How different it is today. The American Dream is gone for many and more and more every day. Power and influence rule over the America I am President and that has not changed these last 7 years.

Back to Obama’s proclamation …

“A tradition of giving continues to inspire this holiday, and at shelters and food centers, on battlefields and city streets, and through generous donations and silent prayers, the inherent selflessness and common goodness of the American people endures.”

Now me …

The very idea that many Americans are having their Thanksgiving at shelters, food centers and out on the street is an outrageous indictment of America at Thanksgiving 2015. Those well off should be ashamed of themselves and the kind of America they thank God for.

Here is more of Obama’s proclamation ….

“Each of us brings our own traditions, cultures and recipes to this quintessential American holiday — whether around dinner tables, in soup kitchens or at home cheering on our favorite sports teams — but we are all united in appreciation of the bounty of our nation.”

Here is my version …

The idea that some Americans are eating in soup kitchens today Thanksgiving is proof that many are not united in appreciation of our nation’s bounty. There is no bounty for many Americans but there is far far too much bounty for some Americans at the expense of other Americans.

And here is President Obama’s close to his Thanksgiving message …

“I encourage the people of the United States to join together — whether in our homes, places of worship, community centers, or any place of fellowship for friends and neighbors — and give thanks for all we have received in the past year, express appreciation to those whose lives enrich our own, and share our bounty with others.”

And here is mine …

Thanksgiving is not the reality it should be. Instead we pretend Thanksgiving is this wonderful day that proves how united we all are in the successful America and that we all should be thankful for all we have.  It will be a far better Thanksgiving if we resolve to make Thanksgiving in the future the refection of a nation we want to believe we are but are not.

America is ever more the land of the haves and the have nots. Yes, I as President and my family will feast royally Thanksgiving because we are members of the 1% our future is bright and after I am President I will never want for anything. Many Americans should not be satisfied this Thanksgiving as President you should hold me among those responsible.

Americans on Thanksgiving should not hide from the reality of the true America today in some false euphoria. Most of all this Thanksgiving, think of how much better Thanksgiving can and should be for all Americans.

Too bad President Obama did not tell the Truth for Thanksgiving.

Then again would you expect a truthful Thanksgiving proclamation?

That was not its purpose. Fooling us is more like it. For the rest of us …

Better to think about far better Thanksgivings for all and making it so.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.



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