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Close Allies Rahm Emanuel & Barack Obama

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 11, 2015: While Demagogue Donald Trump sucks up all the media air other matters get far less attention than they should. But not here in Obama’s America!

Of all the blatant killings of African-Americans by police officers, what took place in Chicago stands alone for the outrageousness of this murder. The fact that it happened over 14 months ago and is only now getting attention is an essential part of this story that leads right to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Barack Obama and surprise – possibly another case of demagogy!

This is all about the murder of 17-year-old African American Laquan McDonald who was shot 16 times by a  Chicago police officer and many of those shots fired while McDonald was on the ground after being repeated shot by this cop.

You probably have seen the video. It was first degree murder nothing less. The fact that we only saw the video in recent weeks not 14 months ago. is at the heart of this outrage. Which bring us to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s silence and the actions of Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The central question is what did Emanuel know about this murder and when did he know about it? All of Emanuel’s actions and statements since this all surfaced has been to divert attention from this question. Obama’s silence in not criticizing Emanuel and the Attorney General in narrowly focusing her investigation away from Emanuel has the very pregnant feel of a cover up to protect Emanuel.

As everyone should know Emanuel is a high level member of the Democratic Elite Inner Circle close to President Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton. The other all important point this murder by the police took place while Emanuel was involved in his re-election campaign for mayor.

There is no doubt that had this atrocity been public when it happened with Emanuel running for re-election, he would have lost the election. Think about it? This entire matter was kept secret for over a year and every effort was made successfully to prevent this video from being seen until now.

So the central issue is beyond a doubt – how and why in God’s name could and would this murder be covered up for over a year?  Either Mayor Rahm Emanuel should be forced to resign simply because he is Mayor of a police department that can get away with hiding a blatant murder it committed…

OR much more likely, Rahm Emanuel and his staff specifically made sure this did not surface until long after his re-election. If so, Rahm Emanuel should be forced to resign and face criminal charges.

What we should expect from President Obama is outrage and a statement saying that it is difficult, if not impossible, to believe the Mayor of Chicago knew nothing of this cover up and if he did not, he certainly should have. “As President I have ordered the Attorney General to investigate the role Mayor Rahm Emanuel did or did not play in this entire matter,” is what Obama should say.

But President Obama has done nothing like that at all! Instead, he has ordered his Attorney General Loretta Lynch to “simply” to investigate the Chicago Police Dept.  NOT investigate the larger issues here of a conspiracy.

Needless to say, Mayor Emanuel is following the same script in Chicago, ordering a city investigation of the police dept. and firing the Police Chief while expressing his deep disappointment about what took place.
The irony about Rahm Emanuel firing the Police Chief is that there is no evidence he personally knew about this blatant murder long before Mayor Emanuel but Mayor Emanuel fired him anyway because it happened that he was Police Chief. Gee, why doesn’t the same logic apply to the Police Chief’s boss Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wednesday addressing Chicago’s City Council had this to say:

“That happened on my watch,” Emanuel said in an emotional address to a special meeting of the Chicago City Council on Wednesday. “I’m sorry,” the mayor said, promising “complete and total reform of the system.”

A surgical statement by Emanuel; he did not say: “ I am responsible.”

But he is going to clean up the mess, which means he gets to NOT investigate himself and his role in this entire matter.

The crowd protesting outside had a better idea….

The crowd is chanting: “impeach Rahm,” “Rahm resign” and “Rahm must go,” as well as “too little, too late.”

And now here is the Smoking Gun ….

From many sources, this from Salon .. in Rahm Emanuel’s own words …

“The family came forward on February 27 contacting the city,” the mayor explained. “In a short time, we reached a conclusion. As it relates to the video, that on the completion of the investigation, the video would be made public, which is what happened. It is a common practice that you don’t release material essential to an investigation.”

Understand the importance of February 27, 2015 … from Salon …

“Feb. 27 was three days after the mayoral election. Emanuel received 46 percent of the vote, forcing him into a runoff with Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, in which the support of the city’s black voters would be decisive. The “conclusion” was a $5 million settlement with the family of Laquan McDonald, the 17-year-old gunned down by Officer Jason Van Dyke. The shooting occurred on Oct. 20, 2014. The video was finally released last month. A Cook County judge ordered it made public in response to a suit by journalist Brandon Smith. (The police department had previously turned down 14 Freedom of Information Act requests from news agencies.) Almost simultaneously, Emanuel condemned the officer for violating the public trust “at every level,” and Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez charged him with first-degree murder.”

In other words: 1) Rahm Emanuel would have lost the run of election IF this had been made public then but it was not, 2) Mayor Rahm Emanuel agreed to a secret settlement with Laquan McDonald’s family of $5 Million, 3) the video was still not made public by Mayor Emanuel even months after his re-election until a Freedom of Information request led to a Cook County Judge ordering its release just recently, and 4) ONLY then was Police Officer Jason Van Dyke inducted for murder for shooting McDonald 16 times.

Yet, President Obama remains SILENT and his Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to investigate Rahm Emanuel’s role.

If it looks like a cover up, smells like a cover up it is very likely a cover up. The ONLY way to know is an independent investigation of Rahm Emanuel!

This headline from The Washington Post today Thursday …


“And more and more – despite his speech Wednesday – it appears resigning could indeed be what Emanuel will be forced to do to restore Chicagoans’ faith in their government.”

“Emanuel appears to have lost much of the city’s trust. His approval rating has hit a low of 18 percent, and 51 percent of residents think he should resign according to a new poll from the Illinois Observer.”

Yet, President Obama remains SILENT and his Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to investigate Rahm Emanuel’s role.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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