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Yes Indeed, Remorse!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 5, 2016: What is the definition of Tinkerer?

It is a person who makes minor mechanical repairs, especially on a variety of appliances and apparatuses, usually for a living.

Hey, I have just found another definition for Barack Obama – Tinkerer!
Why did it take me so long when Obama has been tinkering as President for more than 7 years now? Our Tinkerer-in-Chief!

It has been what I have been writing about Obama for 262 episodes without ever using the term “Tinkerer.”

I need to thank Bill Press who just wrote “ Buyer’s Remorse.” No, he does not call President Barack Obama a Tinkerer, but he could and his book about Obama’s FAILURE as President brought that word to mind to me to describe what Barack Obama has really done since January 2009.

So who is Bill Press? I just found out myself. He was the chair of the California Democratic Party and he is a liberal talk show host and commentator. What is good about him to me is he wrote this book!

Finally, someone other than myself, who slams Obama from a progressive perspective not the Right Wing Whackos who accuse him of being too progressive for no reason at all except they are self serving idiots!

The sub-title to Press’ new book is “How Obama Let Progressives Down.” Amen to that – highlighting the nonsense of the Right Wing accusing Obama of being too progressive. Too progressive for Neanderthals maybe!

As to be expected, “Buyer’s Remorse” is being ignored by the Republican Right Wing and surprisingly being slammed by the Professional Democratic Elites, otherwise known as Obama/Clinton Democrats, which includes non-elite Democrats who don’t have a clue and who will praise any Democratic President simply because they are a Democrat and who suck up all the BS that comes out of The White House and from the Obama sycophants.

Here is a ‘perfect’ example from The National Book Review. Here is how they conclude their review …

“Despite all of the liberal might-have-beens – and there are many — it is still astonishing how much Obama has accomplished in less than eight years, with an obstructionist Congress and right-wing pundits fighting him every step of the way.”

Astonishing how much he accomplished.


REALLY? All they are doing is praising Obama for being a standard Democratic President, or as I have now labeled him, a Tinkerer. Sorry, Obama has not delivered the Change he promised or what we need so, so much. And the excuses he and others offer in defending him fall flat. The defense of Obama comes down to “it could have been worse.” Meaning we might have had a Republican President.

That’s the point and why I am going to keep this episode so brief.

Obama is praised by many Democrats for the fact he is not a Republican. That is the nature of his “success” for them. In fact all Obama has really done is Tinker.

I’m not buying it. Barack Obama has FAILED us as President. And who does he want to follow him? Hillary Clinton! More of the same! God help us.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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