Obama’s America – Episode # 266 – Real Power In Obama’s America

How About A Mannequin For President?
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How About A Mannequin For President?

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 4, 2016: Again the entire thesis of Obama’s America is in each episode taking a different look at the REALITY of Obama’s America Not the campaign rhetoric that got him elected or The White House spin machine that works 24/7 to convince us Barack Obama is a “different” kind of President.

It is the same ole same old Democratic version of the Presidency.

I don’t have to think this up by myself it is why I so often turn to my very impressive and well funded media partners for the facts – once again this week The New York Times in very, very dramatic fashion.

Sure President Barack Obama does some nice things on the edge as all Presidents do specifically Democratic Presidents. SO WHAT nothing changes of any importance indeed it keeps getting worse.

So this week’s lesson comes from an illustrated Times story titled “The Faces of American Power, Nearly as WHITE as the Oscar Nominees.” So 98% of African Americans and many White Americans can continue to praise Obama. All you are doing is “burying” yourself. It could not be more ironic that this. Obama is praised by many most of all because of his BLACK skin while well over 90% of BLACK Americans are worse off than before Obama became President because of the color of their BLACK skin.

Is there any wonder why the vast majority of us always lose because we are so, so susceptible to the CON just ask Donald Trump or Barack Obama.

So let’s get to this very damaging Times feature article even if it tells us what we already know. Obviously many of you need to be reminded.

Thank God for Obama’s America where else do we get Progressive Truth about the Obama Administration FAILURES week after week.

The distribution of POWER and wealth in any society since the beginning of Time will always be the most useful way to analyze any society including ours and as this Times features PROVES yet again that after two terms of Barack Obama POWER and wealth is as much and even more concentrated in an elite group of WHITE men and a few White women.

Thank you Barack Obama for NOTHING!

Here we go again I hear the voices “but it’s not Obama’s fault.”

That is NOT the point he is a failure if he has done nothing to stop it.

NOT even speak out against except very occasionally and ever so gently!

Americans could have elected a mannequin instead of Obama and it would be no worse for concentrated power in America. And with a mannequin as President we would not have to put up with the BS from President Barack Obama that he is doing a great job for us. Making life better for all of us!

Sorry I do want to get to The Times feature article here is how it starts …

“We reviewed 503 of the most powerful people in American culture, government, education and business, and found that just 44 are minorities. Any list of the powerful is subjective, but the people here have an outsize influence on the nation’s rules and culture.”

And then this Bomb Shell for President Obama …

“After some years of progress, the diversity of the corporate elite has stalled in recent years, said Richard Zweigenhaft, a professor at Guilford College who studies executive diversity. “Once that barrier is broken, there may be a little less pressure to keep appointing people from that previous excluded category,” he said.


“After some years of progress, the diversity of the corporate elite has stalled in recent years.”

So who exactly does that make President Obama President of …

The POWERFUL & Wealthy & White!

What’s that? You are still happy with the CRUMBS from Obama’s table?

REALLY, really .. . you are headed back to the Plantation where a White Elite control EVERYTHING but it’s OK  ‘cause Barack Obama is Black!

Glory Hallelujah Praise the Lord we have a Black President …

Nothing else matters! That dear readers’ is called a Sucker Deal!
Back to The Times feature …

1) Presidents Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all had at least six minority cabinet members at some point in their terms.

(Both Clinton and Bush same number as President Obama)

2) Just two minorities have ever been presidents of Ivy League institutions. In 2001, Brown University appointed the first African-American leader, Ruth Simmons. Eight years later, Dartmouth appointed the first Asian-American leader, Jim Yong Kim. Both officials have since left those posts.

3) In the history of the Senate, there have been just 12 Republican and 14 Democratic senators who were not white.

4) We selected studio executives who decide which movie ideas come to fruition. All are white, with the exception of Kevin Tsujihara, the chief executive of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Minorities are also underrepresented among directors, writers and actors.

5) Shown here are the top 20 people on Billboard’s Power 100 list. Except for Eddy Cue of Apple, who is Cuban-American, they are all white. The industry relies heavily on black talent, but few of the industry’s most elite decision makers are black.

6) A recent survey of workers at publishing houses found that the industry remains overwhelmingly white. Nearly 90 percent of respondents identified themselves as white, and only 20 percent said strides had been made to diversity the work force.

7) The people pictured here are among the most powerful players in the television industry. The group is not exhaustive, but we included the top producers and executives at major networks and streaming services. Channing Dungey, head of ABC entertainment, became the first black network president in February.

8) We selected top leaders of newspapers and networks who decide which stories to cover and how to do so. In 2014 Dean Baquet became the first black executive editor of The New York Times.

9) Thurgood Marshall became the first African-American justice on the Supreme Court in 1967. When he retired in 1991, he was succeeded by Clarence Thomas, who is also African-American.

(In other words there have only been two neither appointed by Obama and Obama is very unlikely to nominate an African-American for the vacant seat when doing so should be a necessity – his only remaining chance to do so.)

10) In 1989, L. Douglas Wilder of Virginia, a grandson of slaves, became the nation’s first African-American to be elected governor by popular vote.

(There has only been one other elected BEFORE Obama – Deval Patrick)

11) In 1989, Gen. Colin L. Powell became the first African-American chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

(There have been none since and none appointed by Obama)

12) About 75 percent of players are black, but Michael Jordan is the only black majority owner among the N.B.A.’s 30 teams. While teams often have multiple owners, we show the ones representing the teams at league meetings.

13) There isn’t a single black owner in the N.F.L., and only one who is a minority, even though 70 percent of players are black. With teams selling for well over $1 billion, only the ultra-wealthy find ownership within reach.

14) In more than a century of professional baseball, teams’ owners have mirrored the makeup of corporate America. Decades ago, newspaper publishers, beer barons and mining titans owned teams. These days, owners come from high finance and real estate.

(There has never been a Black owner of a Major League baseball team.)

That is everything The Times story examined. They could have examined many other categories of power and wealth in America the results are exactly the same or worse in all the others.

In 266 episodes of Obama’s America so far no other episode has more emphatically defined Barack Obama’s FAILURE as President – his FAILURE to improve the African-American community.

And likewise, all the rest of us not among the top 10%.

It is one thing to praise Barack Obama simply for being Black but it is complete NONSENSE to praise Barack Obama for being a GREAT Black President. He has failed everyone except the Rich and Powerful.

Just look at the facts is it surprising …

The Rich & Powerful Barack Obama’s REAL class far more than Black!


 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.