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New $20 Bill On The Way

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 22, 2016: Writing Obama’s America takes much of my time and it drains much of my energy. And so you always know the Truth I don’t get paid well ….

I do it for Love but …

I find time for other very useful projects saving the world in one way or another. It’s my job. So I took on the task of preventing President Obama from making yet another TERRIBLE decision in cahoots with his similarly challenged Treasury Secretary  Jacob – just call me Jake – Lew.

Best known for his TERRIBLE penmanship. Just look on the U.S. currency.

Which brings me to this week’s episode in which I get to combine two separate universes of my activities into One For You – in shorthand 14U.

So what just happened? My readers here who are News Junkies all know.

SURPRISE! Obama and Lew finally announced they will not TRASH America’s best paper currency which HONORS either the first or second GREATEST American –  Alexander Hamilton.

That’s right Obama and Lew WASTED 10 months of my every precious time – that is a very objective assessment – forcing me to LEAD the fight to SAVE the Hamilton $10. And I sure did! Didn’t I Barack and Jake?
NO you did not read about my role in SAVING Hamilton in The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal or any place else except here – thank God for Obama’s America. And you know President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jake Lew will NEVER give me credit. NEVER!

They will DENY even knowing I exist or ever even hearing my name. Even though both Barack and I lived on the same block in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for an entire year a few brownstones away from each other. Check it out.

Anyway who is getting much of the credit – who else LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA who has written one of the greatest if not the greatest play and musical for sure in all of theatre history. OK I agree Lin deserves a lot of credit but not ALL the credit and not as much as me as you will read.

Let me not also forget to give credit to the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society and many other prominent and not so prominent Americans.

But I discovered Obama’s and Lew’s DIRTY secret no one else did.

And I more than anyone else was RELENTLESS in attacking the Obama Administration and the Treasury Department for DUMPING Hamilton.

WHY, when over one half a million almost all women signed a petition and formed a powerful group “Womenon20s” to DEMAND Obama put a prominent American WOMAN on the front of the Jackson $20 and  dump the SLAVE master and Indian KILLER Andrew Jackson from American currency where he does NOT belong and reap a world of praise WHY instead did these Knuckle Heads choose the Hamilton $10?
I will tell you WHY if you have not gotten my message yet ..


Let me take you aside before I go there with another worthwhile point.

This is a message I deliver over and over again about the leadership CHALLENGED Barrack Obama. Think about it. In his mind and Michelle’s and the Democratic Elite’s mind(lessness) President Barack Obama is a visionary progressive Leader. REALLY? Give me a big break.

WHY did it take this “visionary” (sic) SEVEN long years into his Presidency to decide a WOMAN finally deserves to be on our paper currency? SEVEN years then he picks the WRONG paper currency?

So always keep in mind Obama’s lack of LEADERSHIP or vision. Now let’s get  to their DIRTY little secret so I can GLORIFY my role.

My exhaustive research of this entire matter following Secretary Lew’s SHOCKING announcement eliminating the Hamilton $10 last June 2015, and trust me as I know you do my research unlike others and certainly NO one in the media who BELIEVE anything these guys feed them …

My EXHAUSTIVE research left NO doubt – none at all – that this implausible decision to dump the Hamilton $10 and not the Jackson $20 had only ONE basis  and it was very logical in a diabolical cynical self-serving way.

It seemed like a very easy way that would leave NO finger prints for them to court favor with the HUGE banking industry again. KEEP IN MIND Barack and Michelle are preparing for RETIREMENT and plan to raise a  BILLION $$ or more. Where will they get all that $$$ for their “foundation(s)?”

REMEMBER this is the same President Obama who did not criminally prosecute even one BANK industry executive for the sub-prime mega-SCANDAL. They got away with that why not this piece of cake.

Except for me. I’m NO Fool especially when it comes to Them.

So here is the deal and I will just summarize – this is not a book it is simply episode #273 of Obama’s America. It will be in a book when I get round to publishing “The Best of Obama’s America.” Eventually…

Sorry, I’ll stay focused.


The bank cash machine – YES the cash machines. Think about it … what do those millions and millions of bank cash machines across America we all use dispense only JACKSON 20s not HAMILTON $10s?.
What does that mean? DA! The next generation of currency is going to have new security features but even more they will have a tactile element since groups of handicapped Americans sued the Obama Administration – again it’s the Obama Administration – to finally get government to print currency visually disabled American can use by themselves. They had to SUE Barack Obama in court for him to treat handicapped Americans equally!

Anyway the point is here – the NEW currency notes will require new cash dispensing machines to work or to work well. Which means the banking industry will FINALLY (yes I am using that word plenty in this episode) have to replace those ancient bank cash machines that are everywhere that are 20 years old. THAT ONLY DISPENSE $20s THAT COSTS MONEY!

So wouldn’t it be “nice” if the banking industry can delay having to spend millions of their BILLIONS in profits to replace all those CASH machines. It would be very nice if you are a GREEDY banker who in addition to greed did not give a  damn about handicapped Americans.

So Obama and Lew came to the RESCUE of the banking industry.

By choosing to hand the Hamilton $10 over to American women instead of the Jackson $20 which they wanted it meant the banking industry would BUY time plenty of time before they had to change all those cash machines.

The NEW $10 was to be introduced by 2020 for the 100th anniversary of women’s  suffrage in America which is the date important to women and all of us for featuring a woman on currency. By NOT choosing the Jackson $20 that could mean not until as late as 2030 would there be a new $20.The banking industry could chug along at NO expense with their antiquated cash machines for as much  as another 15 years! WOW for them!

Who would notice the Switcheroo? The Stupid Media? Fat Chance! You?

Only I did call me a “genius” if you like I like flattery but I did not have to be a genius just not Gullible when anyone in the Obama Administration makes a decision that makes no sense. Just like Obamacare. Another gift package that one to the medical and drug industries who approved it.

So what did I do with this precious knowledge BROADCAST it widely. And even better I repeatedly sent it to the personal private emails of Lew’s Chief of Staff Chris Weideman and the officially second in command at Treasury the Treasurer Rosie Rios who also reports directly to Sec. Lew.

Lew got the message(s) bet on it. There was NO place to hide. If they stayed on their misbegotten course sooner or LATER as almost always happens someone in the media would WAKE up such as The New York Times and FINALLY at some point there would be a front page expose about how Barack Obama and Jake Lew SUCKERED the American people (again).

No there is much more to the story but I don’t have endless time or space in Obama’s America each week. There is plenty of sidebar to this I will not get into here and even if you “discount” (ha ha) the cash machines …..

The campaign I undertook did not just rely on the cash machines because even if bank cash machines did not exist, the idea of removing the Hamilton $10 was still preposterous and I attacked on plenty of other grounds.

Here is the real point WE WON. AMERICA WON and I am so, so proud of the part I played even if it remains unacknowledged. I have the electronic paper trail to prove it. Would the ridiculous decision have been versed even without me “maybe” but with me it became a sure thing.

And irony of ironies, who is getting all the credit for their enlightenment and vision? YES of course President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jake Lew.

Fine with me because in this case they did the very right thing.  Very rare achievement for Obama. Include Cuba and Iran among the few others.

We are going to have a new generation of U.S. currency the BEST ever that will give close to equality to American women over time, that gets rid of the SLAVE master Andrew Jackson and most of all preserves the Hamilton $10 that honors either the first or second GREATEST American while making the Hamilton $10 better with a group of 5 women on the other side.

You are one of few who know the Truth. Yes you read Obama’s America.

I am EXHAUSTED. Too bad this job does not include any vacation.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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