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It’s Not Just The Middle East!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 20, 2016:  I attended a well done FREE breakfast today compliments of one of Obama’s America regular media “partners,” The Wall Street Journal.

The unexpected result is this week’s episode. Anyway amid the tasty breakfast vittles, the guest speaker interviewed by WSJ editor Dennis Berman, was the CEO of oil giant Chevron, John Watson.

Watson went through the usual CEO song and dance about what a wonderful corporation Chevron is. The audience, made up mostly of corporate zombies, was enthralled by his BS. Then Watson made a crucial error; he began talking about morality.  That is when this episode was born.

I then laid in wait at my table for the Q & A – and even better – I got to ask the Final Question of the WSJ breakfast.

“Mr. Watson, you mentioned morality in your comments. Saudi Arabia, aka the Saud Family Estate, is one of the most repressive regimes on Earth, and with a primitive justice system, no real elections, and they support an extreme form of Islam linked to the rise of terrorism in the Middle East, other than North Korea I assume. Does Chevron have a list of countries it will not do business with because they do not meet basic moral standards?

Poor Mr. Watson – his answer was unimpressive in the extreme as he looked right at me as CEOs tend to do and he seemed quite satisfied with himself.

SORRY Watson wrong answer.

Mr. Watson’s reply was very unsatisfying. The best he could do is say even the United States has its flaws. So he was saying since no nation is perfect, Chevron won’t judge any nation? Where is his benchmark or his Moral Compass? He has none. And he had no list of countries to offer. Of course!

I fault myself for not being even more specific and asking him which countries if any currently or in the past has Chevron refused to do business with or in because they do not meet your moral standard.” There are none.

So let me tell you what he was saying – he and Chevron have NO moral compass; they will do business anywhere with anyone IF it is good for Chevron to profit from it. Money is the name of “morality” at Chevron.

His “moral compass” (sic) is profit pure and simple. If it is good for business it is good for him and Chevron. Their “logic” since even the U.S. is imperfect they will deal with any imperfect country no matter how imperfect. Just as long as no law prevents them from doing so.

OK, John Watson be gone from my episode; you have served your purpose and I hope we will never see you again in Obama’s America … but who knows.

Now let’s turn to the real subject of OBAMA’S America yes the man himself Barack Obama and his “morality.” Or lack thereof! Anyone wondering to Obama’s America for the first time might be SHOCKED that I would be contenting President Barack Obama is immoral or un-moral.

All my regular readers know the Truth I do that all the time and prove it. Barack Obama is not the President  too many believe he is, NO not from the whacky Racist perspective of the Right Wing I attack Obama from  the Progressive Left where his true failure is to be found.

I said I was done with Chevron’s John Watson but John come back here one more time. Here is one easy way of making my point about Obama in this episode. If Barack Obama was CEO of Chevron he would sound much like John Watson. How do I know for sure? Because like John Watson President Obama does business with the Sauds far more business than Chevron does.

Who cares if Obama is currently displaying some skepticism toward the Saud Family Estate or that the Saud are not feeling Obama’s love? You will find Obama going to Saudi Arabia far more than John Chambers to reassure them of America’s “friendship” and Chambers does not sell the Saud Family BILLIONS of dollars worth of advance military equipment.

Unfortunately I can’t dwell on this my Publisher is breathing down my back to deliver this episode and I can feel the chill of her lovely breath. So let’s move on to Obamacare another prime example of Obama immorality selling us this BS as REAL medical care reform.

Yes I cover this Obamacare scam regularly but there is always new material to prove the point that this is Obamacare for the medical industry. Leading the way this time SURPRISE is this article from my other major media partner the New York Times. This article from May 14, 2016, titled …

“ SORRY WE DON’T TAKE OBAMACARE ” … what’s that title again ..

“ SORRY WE DON’T TAKE OBAMACARE ” really !! Let’s dig in …

“AMY MOSES and her circle of self-employed small-business owners were supporters of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. They bought policies on the newly created New York State exchange. But when they called doctors and hospitals in Manhattan to schedule appointments, they were dismayed to be turned away again and again with a common refrain: “We don’t take Obamacare,” the umbrella epithet for the hundreds of plans offered through the president’s signature health legislation.” REALLY!

Then this … “Anytime one of us needs a doctor,” she continued, “we send out an alert: ‘Does anyone have anyone on an exchange plan that does mammography or colonoscopy? Who takes our insurance?’ It’s really a problem.” REALLY!

And this … “Yet even as many beneficiaries acknowledge that they might not have insurance today without the law, there remains a strong undercurrent of discontent. Though their insurance cards look the same as everyone else’s — with names like Liberty and Freedom from insurers like Anthem or United Health — the plans are often very different from those provided to most Americans by their employers. Many say they feel as if they have become second-class patients.” REALLY!

Obamacare forces Americans to pay for CRAP “insurance.” GREAT Obama can proclaim more Americans are insured YES with policies that SUCK. That they are FORCED to buy or else get PENALIZED by law.

There is so much more bad stuff in this article but I don’t have the Time this week to fully explore. You can go read all of it please do. Back at WSJ here is a front page story from May 16th … “”Health Insurers Quit Rural Exchanges” sorry you will have to read it yourself NO time this week.

Finally from Crain’s NY today yes I am here in New York City. From Crain’s comes this story…

“New York Obamacare insurers ask for big rate hikes.” SURPRISE!

Here is part of their article get very mad at Obama …

“New York insurers asked for large premium increases as a way to counteract rising costs, and in some cases, gargantuan losses. Insurers selling plans to individuals requested a 17.3% average increase and those selling small-group plans asked for an average 12% rate hike.

“The state insurance marketplace, known as New York State of Health, has seemed to be more stable than other markets nationally, but insurers here haven’t been immune to national trends that are driving up health care spending and increasing the costs of providing health insurance.”

“In a statement Wednesday afternoon, the New York Health Plan Association said the hikes are necessary. “The 2017 rate submissions reflect increases that are the direct result of the underlying cost of care and marketplace changes that continue to impact health plans’ operations,” Paul Macielak, HPA’s president and chief executive, said in a statement.”

“Several notable insurers requested large increases for 2017. UnitedHealthcare, which has pulled out of insurance marketplaces in many other states, asked for a 45.6% increase to premiums.

“ Oscar, the venture-capital darling that recently raised $400 million in a financing round from Fidelity, asked for an 18.4% average increase. In a letter to insurance brokers, the Manhattan company said its rate hikes ranged from 8% to 30% around the state.”

“CareConnect, the insurance arm of Northwell Health, requested a 29.2% increase on average while MetroPlus, the health plan of NYC Health + Hospitals, sought a 20.3% average increase.”

That is all I have time for go read it yourself.

And these increases are going to come year after year without end. The Obamacare SCAM is a Gold Mine for the insurance and medical industries. And when Americans can’t pay NO problem the gov’t pays the rest of these second rate often WORTHLESS policies. WHERE is the morality Obama?

I can’t cover this vast subject of Obama’s immorality as President in any one episode less one that has to be rushed and shortened but I must turn to President Obama’s incestuous relationship to Hillary Clinton before I must end this episode. Talk about IMMORALITY! Obama is doing everything he can to insure Clinton’s nomination without officially endorsing her. And by doing so doing everything he can to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

So we have the IMMORAL Democratic President partnering with the IMMORAL Democratic candidate for President to SCREW the rest of us out of a very  REAL and MORAL Democratic candidate for President.

Sorry I really must go. More next week.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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