Reaching For The Light!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 27, 2016: Listen up President Obama. It’s Judgment Day.

This is the most important advice you have ever received.

Right here in this episode of Obama’s America. The most important ever!

What you decide to do or not do here will define your Presidency and you.

You have a decision to make right now … within weeks if not days.

The fact is that Hillary Clinton is the worst possible candidate for Democrats to nominate for President this year. She has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with the past. And Hillary Clinton is the one candidate who Donald Trump can beat as recent polls prove.

With all the problems Trump has as the Republican candidate even normally with the Democratic candidate highly favored Trump or not, yet Trump is already tied with Clinton within a statistical margin of error. And he has not really – I mean REALLY started going after her with all he’s got.

How can Trump effectively go after Clinton as flawed as he is? That is the problem. She is even more flawed as a candidate and far worse for Clinton, a Con Master like Trump who is an expert at going after other Con Artists just like Hillary Clinton.

She cannot handle his game. There is no one better for Trump as an opponent than Clinton – NO one in America.

So WHY is our flawed current President Barack Obama doing everything he can to get Hillary Clinton the nomination – short of publicly endorsing her – which he would like to do but that would be considered bad form for the President to do so when there is another candidate in the race.

Of course it hasn’t stopped him from privately telling Fat Cats in the Democratic Party and many others Hillary is his choice – and that they should NOT back Bernie Sanders. Plus as President, Barack is the de facto leader of the Party but he has done nothing to stop the Clintons from manipulating the organizational machinery of the Democratic Party to give her a very unfair advantage over Bernie Sanders and also  raising the big bucks unethically.

And what about the most corrupt part of the entire nominating process – the ridiculously mislabeled SUPER delegates – who de-legitimize the entire nominating process of primaries and caucuses? The almost 500 delegates who have votes simply because they are Party insiders there to protect the Status Quo? They feast from it.

Barack Obama has No problem at all with “super” delegates manipulating the nomination process to insure Clinton the nomination. Far from condemning these illegitimate delegates Obama’s operatives who are all over the Clinton campaign apparatus and are working hard behind the scenes to insure they stick with Clinton and undermine Sanders.

So what exactly is the PROBLEM for President Obama when his plan seems to be working?. He gets Clinton the nomination, she becomes President, as his candidate she returns the favor by singing the praises of Barack Obama as one of America’s great President in her convoluted mind. And Barack and Michelle travel the world collecting their loot from the Elites.

Yea, all that makes sense if you are an IDIOT. My readers are not!

Hillary Clinton’s is Obama’s BIGGEST problem. She is going to drag him and his BS legacy down with her if she gets the nomination. The new report about the emails from the State Dept. Inspector General just made it worse.

Barack Obama can keep hiding from himself and stay in denial but it won’t work. When Obama goes out campaigning all across America for Hillary Clinton and she still loses and in doing so become more exposed as a self serving, deceitful, untrustworthy, unlikable charlatan, Barack Obama will forevermore be tied to her and the fact the Democrats lost to Trump because Hillary Clinton was the Democratic candidate for President. HIS candidate!

And then it gets even worse for Obama…

If you are to believe Obama’s manufactured self-image as so many do, it will finally dawn on everyone it is Bernie Sanders’ positions on issue after issue that supposedly are in line with Obama’s views and what he wished he had been able to accomplish as President. But WHOO … wait a minute! Didn’t President Obama give it to Bernie Sanders in the back with his relentless support for Hillary Clinton resulting in Clinton getting the nomination and Donald Trump being elected President – the worst possible outcome.

FINALLY all the Obama zombies will be forced to WAKE up after the election and realize Barack Obama is just like Hillary Clinton; which he is not at all like Bernie Sanders or Sanders positions and he SCREWED Democrats and the nation by supporting Clinton because he is as bad as her.

Which leads us to REDEMPTION for President Barack Obama! He has precious little time to gain SALVATION or go down with Clinton.

Barack Obama can do what “sinners” do who do find Redemption. Obama has the free will all humans do if he chooses to use it to stand before us all and tell Hillary Clinton it is time for her to step aside she is a very flawed candidate she does NOT represent the future of the Democratic Party nor the nation’s future we want and need and she will LOSE to Donald Trump.

Barack it is Judgment Day. Let’s all PRAY Obama Saves himself and us!


 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.



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