Scandal Brewing! Who Knew What ?

By  Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 10, 2016:  Am I missing something here? Let’s find out.

First to put this episode in full context  …

SURPRISE! President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton today.

He did that a long time ago … he just got around to telling us all today.

Joe Biden too; another “surprise” even if that is meaningless just like Joe.

Good timing Barack because in this episode I will explain ….

You two are true partners …… is it in Crime?

What is brilliance? One very good definition is seeing the obvious others should have easily but did not. This episode will prove if I am brilliant.

Indeed, this episode may prove a classic example of my definition of brilliance that will be taught for generations to come. We’ll see and you first.

Allow me to be theatrical and employ Macbeth’s witches just as they “introduce” another famous couple in history be this earlier couple more fiction than reality. They in the imagination of Shakespeare; mine in the REALITY of right now.

Witches speak to us … Act I Scene 1

First Witch : When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Second: When the hurlyburly’s done, When the battle’s lost and won.

Third Witch: That will be ere the set of sun.

First Witch: Where the place?

Second Witch: Upon the heath.

Third Witch: There to meet with Macbeth.

First Witch: I come, graymalkin!

Second Witch: Paddock calls.

Third Witch: Anon!

ALL: Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.

AGAIN Witches: Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.

ENTER … Barack and Hillary. Our “new” Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Let the play begin!

The subject is not servants but a SERVER!

Yes, the subject is very much alive. Like Duncan, the Server has not been killed yet no matter how much they try and now NEW life for it!

Just when they thought it was dead in Hillary’s HOLLOW claim of Victory.

Here comes Obama’s America with a NEW claim far worse. Let’s give it a name – SERVERGATE – because it involves The White House.

What has everyone missed in this Saga?

We all know Hilary did it and it was illegal and that various emails contained secret and top secret information as is reported yet again in The Wall Street Journal right now as I write. We all know Hillary DESTROYED many emails and scrubbed the Server “clean” before turning it over.

None of that makes it rise to SERVERGATE – “gate” being scandals that should be reserved ONLY for scurrilous matters that involves the President.

And Thank God Hilary is NOT President yet even if she thinks she is.

So what isn’t the FBI looking at before the Justice Dept. absolutely guaranteed issues a report that what Hillary Clinton did was not maybe  “nice” but neither does it deserve to be considered criminal?


There is NO doubt individuals in The White House – very senior individuals and yes maybe just maybe President Obama himself communicated with Clinton while she was Secretary of State – on emails from her and to her that OBVIOUSLY was NOT a State Dept. email address.

In other words absolutely – THEY KNEW~

Hillary Clinton was blatantly breaking the law conducting State Dept, business using a personal email address that was on a private server. HELLO.

To put it even more bluntly BY DEFINITION, senior White House officials knew this, they did nothing about it and by NOT stopping her they were for all practical and legal purposes APPROVING her breaking the law.

Whether or not President Obama personally exchanged emails in this format with Clinton is interesting and must be determined but at the same time is somewhat irrelevant BECAUSE for sure his senior staff exchanged emails with Clinton when she was Secretary of State and it wax impossible they did not know what was going on since Hillary’s email address was NOT ….


The ONLY reason they would NOT have told President Obama or much more likely probably did NOT tell him in any form that could be verified so that President Obama would have DENIABILITY.

SORRY Barack deniability will NOT save you.

From impeachment probably especially with only months to go as President but who cares that is not the issue. The issues are ….

1) WHY did White House officials allow this?

2) In NOT stopping Clinton they clearly violated Federal law.

3) WHY isn’t the FBI investigating The White House in this matter?

4) There is NO good reason unless they were told NOT to do so.

So what we have here is far bigger scandal than anything even the Whacky Right Wing media has reported let alone the “legitimate” media so far.

And it does not need to be said again but I will for those who easily forget hopefully not my smart readers – WATERGATE was not about the dumb Watergate burglary it was about the COVER UP at The White House.

As for President Obama and SERVERGATE of course I personally think he knew about Hillary Clinton’s private Server all the time she was Secretary of State and I would go further and bet Hillary personally told Obama exactly what she was going to do and he said OK Hillary and that she explained to him why … so she would not have to worry about any records to prove she and Bill might “mingle” official business with their personal business.

That even “way back then” in effect Barack was supporting the idea of Hilary succeeding him as President as the best person for him and his “interests” to have follow him into The White House.

SORRY, Joe no it was not you, and why Barack knifed you.

But again to an extent this conjecture is IRRELEVANT …

Even if implausibly President Obama knew “nothing” White House officials who worked for him did and by the way the second part of their illegality was their obligation to tell them so they face two criminal violations 1) they knew and 2) they did not informing the President if they didn’t.

REGARDLESS all this DOOMS Hillary Clinton and makes President Obama “officially” endorsing Hillary Clinton today a farce a Big Joke.

And so Dear Readers you too can forever remember you were there first reading Episode 280 which BROKE the real story of Hillary Clinton and her Server and why this is now ..

Officially SERVERGATE as a result of this episode of Obama’s America.

Brilliance is seeing the obvious others do not!

You certainly get your money’s worth reading NewsAmericasNow.

Witches one more time please ….

“Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air”

And to my Dear Publisher will I FINALLY get the raise I so richly deserve.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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