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My Gift Is Below Barack!







By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 5, 2016:  I was not invited to President Obama’s birthday party this evening.

So I have plenty of time to write about in this week’s episode tonight.

It will be my birthday gift to President Barack Obama.

I will make a wish for him. Sorry I can’t afford a very expensive set of new golf clubs which he would prefer. There are plenty of others who will line up to give him that kind of gift and much more.

Although, he will have to wait for next year for most of the gifts when he will truly load up for his birthday … no longer having any constraints on him. In fact, bet on it –  for his next birthday August 4, 2017, there will be a “super” birthday party of the rich for Barack – probably a series of them and the gifts will pile in especially very BIG checks for his new “library” (sic).

Not that he is wanting for anything this birthday. He already has the best life style on Earth every day of the year, compliments of the American people. Except for all those “gifts” his rich admirers can’t give him until next year.

As for right now, August 4, 2016 is Obama’s 55 birthday. What is my birthday wish for President Barack Obama? That he become the President he never was.

I know its wishful thinking but this is a birthday wish. There sure are a lot of people in the U.S. and around the world who would sure like to see my birthday wish come true.

Here are some of them – all those being abused by the Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping, a true Cut Throat – but Barack Obama says nothing.


Nothing once again, even at his birthday press conference today!

There is increasing human rights abuse in China – even worse than the human rights abuses under Xi’s predecessors. But who cares? Not Barack Obama. Yea, yea, yea, –  I am sure Obama “cares” in private – just not publicly where it would count.

I am going to bring in my media partner the Wall Street Journal here with their current article titled “Chinese Lawyer Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison.” It is about a whole lot more than one lawyer.

“A Chinese court sentenced a lawyer whose firm is known for taking on politically sensitive cases to 7 years in prison, in what a former colleague said was an unexpectedly harsh sentence, signaling that Beijing intends to keep squeezing the already constricted space for dissent in the country.”

No, not for political activism not at all but for having the audacity to defend Chinese citizens for all kinds of personal grievances, human rights abuses.

“The lawyer, Zhou Shifeng, was a target in a government sweep in which roughly two dozen lawyers and activists were arrested and more than 300 others briefly detained or interrogated. That began an offensive against what was once a growing human-rights movement among Chinese lawyers.”

What is their crime? “Subverting state power.”  Translation –  doing anything at all the dictator and his henchmen don’t like. And here is “justice” in China.

“Mr. Zhou couldn’t be reached to comment. He was assigned a court-appointed lawyer, who wasn’t identified, after authorities refused his family’s attempts to hire a lawyer for him, according to Liu Xiaoyuan, a lawyer and former colleague of Mr. Zhou.”

Isn’t that wonderful? The corrupt dictatorial government assigned him one of their layers to “defend” him against charges that if the attorney really defended him would likewise be charged with “subverting state power” too.

“Mr. Zhou’s Beijing-based law firm, Fengrui, has defended some of China’s most politically sensitive figures, including dissident artist Ai Weiwei and members of the banned Falun Gong religious group. The firm also represented Ilham Tohti, an economics professor and ethnic-rights activist from China’s Uighur minority group who was sentenced to life in prison for inciting ethnic hatred and other charges in 2014.”

How dare Mr. Zhou and his firm defend anyone against false charges? They are obviously also criminals themselves for defending others!

“Mr. Zhou’s sentence suggests other arrested lawyers will face similar punishment. It also indicates authorities’ concern over the influence of lawyers as Chinese President Xi Jinping pushes a broad crackdown aimed at stifling challenges to the Communist Party’s authority.”

You think? Here is what I think . Xi Jinping is a first class punk.

What does Barack Obama think? As he proved today, nothing at all. He is doing exactly what Xi wants him to do – keeping his mouth shut.

“If you look at the landscape of resistance, you don’t see many people left,” said Fu Hualing, a law professor at Hong Kong University. “Falun Gong is pretty much gone. The only ones that can stand up to the government are the lawyers. They have the organizing power, so they pose a threat.”

Keep in mind if you want to bother, Barack Obama is a lawyer too, making Obama’s silence even more deplorable and hypocritical!

For the rest of us, let’s hope the following is true for Xi and his goons …

“In destroying this community they put themselves at greater, nor lesser, risk,” said Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch.”

Here is another one of Mr. Zhou’s “crimes” …

“Among the crimes, Mr. Zhou was made to account for on Thursday was a meeting he helped organize in a crayfish restaurant in Beijing to discuss labor activism—an area of increasing concern for officials as the country’s economy slows.”

Imagine that Chinese workers organizing themselves. CRIMINALS !
“Prosecutors also accused Mr. Zhou and others affiliated with Fengrui of publishing statements that “twisted the truth” in the widely covered shooting death of a middle-aged man by a policeman in northeast China in May 2015. Fengrui’s challenging of the official explanation of that incident—that the man was acting erratically and tried to steal the officer’s gun—is widely believed to be the incident that sparked last year’s sweep.”

The Chinese goons accuse Zhou of “twisting the truth” trying to get some justice for a man shot to death by the police. THROW HIM IN JAIL!

So at his on his birthday at his press conference does President Obama use this golden opportunity to say something as in “see something say something?” NO, not a word from Barack Obama. He is too busy lording it over The White House press corps presenting himself as some kind of Super Wise Man lecturing the press and through them their viewers and readers across America with his superior intelligence in others working trying to mask his profound ignorance and hypocrisy.

And of course the stupid pliant media did not ask him about the ever increasing crackdown in China making a bad situation even worse the Chinese dictators sowing even more fear across that huge country.

I am sure they did not want to spoil Obama’s birthday. Rather if I had gotten my wish for Obama he would have opened his press conference today as follows:

“I am especially troubled today as President of the United States about the increasing repression taking place in China  and what is happening to Zhou Shifeng and many other lawyers across China must stop. This is not an internal matter for China it is an unacceptable abuse of basic human right.”

Fat chance! Obama will say that as he stuffs his face with birthday cake.







About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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