Crank Up The Myth Making Machine.







By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 2, 2016:  You may find this hard to believe. You certainly should. Or not!

A movie was released last week about Barack and Michelle’s first date.

That is right just their first date. A few hours … one day.

It is now the stuff of myth, compliments of Hollywood.

And it’s in movie theaters across America.

SURPRISE, it got rave reviews from many.

No I haven’t seen the movie. And I won’t but I will review it here in Obama’s America based on its premise. I don’t need to see it because it is pure fiction as made.

Yes, they had a first date but all the dialogue is fabricated and it is the “quality” of that dialogue that underlies this film, and the absolutely central scene of the film did not take place. It’s fabricated.

Words are put in these actors mouths to create a precise impression. What it is, is a well made one hour plus commercial to further the Obama’s myth of two super-human Americans who went on from that first date by destiny all the way to The White House where they would then save us all.

And the key scene of the entire date film never happened. Barack did not take Michelle to a Black community organizing meeting on their first date where he made an impassioned speech about injustice that roused the audience to action and overwhelmed Michelle.

And where were they both working when they met as community organizers? In the poor African-American neighborhoods of Chicago? NO, NO, NO, not at all!

Michelle and Barack were out of  Harvard working at one of –  if not the most -prestigious law firms in all of Chicago and Michelle was not doing civil right cases but working in the entertainment division of the firm.

This is what Vanity Fair says about the film …

“Though Richard Tanne, screen writer and director did extensive research, he still had to re-create dialogue and conversations from that special first date from scratch. The end result is a film that’s “all imagined, although extrapolated from biographical details,” he previously told Vanity Fair.

What we are watching is the myth machine at work in the 21st century – the idea that a simple date becomes an epic tale that will transform America. What it accomplishes as a part of the larger Obama narrative is to have many Americans adoring the Obama’s in a way that his actual record as President is not challenged for what he has or has not accomplished.

Barack Obama is simply “great” for what he is not – what he has done – and that is how progressive Americans then judge him that does nothing for us.

So let’s switch to a bit of reality taking place right now. One of many examples documented here in Obama’s America week after week. No one is going to make a movie about this outrage taking place during Obama’s Presidency and his SILENCE on the issue.

Is this the same Barack Obama we see in this date film?

The story today as it has been throughout Obama’s Presidency is the obscene prices drug companies are charging for more and more of their products Americans need but many can’t afford because of price gouging.

Today’s example currently all over the media is “EpiPen.” What is EpiPen?

EpiPen is not just any medication, it is in the class of emergency life saving drugs that make the difference between life and death when needed for those who suffer life threatening reactions to food allergies that afflicts both children and adults. It is a self-contained injection system that contains a life saving drug and can be administered by anyone in an emergency situation.

There is only one company that produces it – Mylan – and like so many other drugs, there is only one producer and they have a monopoly on a drug, so much so that those who need it cannot afford to be without no matter the cost.

A “perfect” situation in this country in Obama’s America where there are NO price controls whatsoever on drugs. Charge whatever you can get away with!

And so what has Mylan done since buying the rights to EpiPen 8 years ago? They have increased the price 550% so far. Has the cost of producing it increased dramatically? NO. Did the previous manufacturer make a profit at a much lower cost?YES. So what has changed …

This is how the Wall Street Journal explains it …

“The absence of real competition is a factor in Mylan’s ability to keep raising the list price of EpiPen, analysts say.”

ENCORE …. “The absence of real competition is a factor in Mylan’s ability to keep raising the list price of EpiPen, analysts say.”

Allow me to put it in other words …..

BECAUSE THEY CAN GET AWAY IT; because there is NO law or regulation in the United States from the Obama Administration to stop them from charging as much as they can get away with.

And keep in mind, this is just one case in the news right now. ALL drugs are sold in America by drug companies based on the same corrupt “formula.”

Are you ready for this various sources as reported by Bloomberg Business? The cost of the drug in each EpiPen is ONE DOLLAR – that is ONE DOLLAR. How much does Mylan charge for a package of two EpiPens ? SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS OR MORE !! Yes you must buy two at a time.

According to Bloomberg Business, when Mylan purchased the right to the EpiPen from fellow drug maker Merck in 2007, Merck was charging just (sic)  $57 for each EpiPen that cost them no more than a couple of dollars all inclusive to produce and you can be sure Merck still made a BIG profit.

Then they sold EpiPen to an even much greedier drug company – Mylan. And since then the retail price has gone from $57 each to more than $300 each. Again without a word of complaint from President Obama or anyone in his Administration and absolutely NO regulations that would stop this scam.

This has become a news story because some parents who need this drug because of the life threatening allergies their children suffer from decided to get vocal after the most recent price increase by Mylan. This has led to lots of media attention and widespread criticism by some politicians.

But again not from the President Obama or his Administration!

So what is Mylan’s response? They will give some customers a “discount” coupon (that Mylan will then deduct from its taxes of course).


But the drug maker didn’t lower the list price, and its stranglehold on the market means it is unlikely to face competitive pressure to do so.

This according to the Wall Street Journal and others.


Get it –  they will not lower the price because they have no competition. You can bet the price will keep rising BECAUSE there is NO regulation to stop them from doing so.


You should be unless you drink the Obama Koolaid as so many do…

President Obama significantly increased the amount of EpiPen’s Mylan sales with legislation he promoted and signed back in 2013 which SURPRISE, had absolutely nothing in the bill that did anything to control the cost! In fact, Mylan used the increased demand provided by the new law NOT to lower prices but to raise them.

What am I talking about?

The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act.

This is right from The White House Website …

“Today ( November 13, 2013 ) in the Oval Office, President Obama signed into law the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, which will encourage schools to plan for severe asthma attacks and allergic reactions, and provide millions of families with greater peace of mind.”

“….. authorizes the Department of Health and Human Services to give funding preferences to states for asthma-treatment grants if they: maintain an emergency supply of epinephrine (EpiPens), if they permit trained personnel of the school to administer epinephrine, and if they develop a plan for ensuring trained personnel are available to administer epinephrine during all hours of the school day.”

GOT THAT … Obama signed a law that specifically mandated EpiPens!

So let’s return to the sugary new movie about Barack and Michelle’s first date titled “Southside & Me.” Since all the dialogue in the current version is fiction by the screen writer I propose they add this …..

BARACK …. “Michelle we are both Black, very attractive, and articulate, and very well educated if we team up we can accomplish anything together.”

MICHELLE …. “How about all the way to The White House, Barack?”

BARACK … “YES we think alike too. We can win over every Black American of course but also all the White liberals and progressives, and anyone else who wants to look cool supporting an African-American.”

MICHELLE …. “ YES, YES let’s do it and really take care of ourselves.”

BARACK … “ Absolutely Michelle we can be exactly the same as those BS White Democratic guys who become President – but con everyone with our Black skin and get praised while we maintain the Status Quo just like them.”

MICHELLE …. “Barack, I hope no one is taping this conversation on our first date in case they makes a movie about it someday.”

BARACK .. “ Don’t worry, who would do that? May I kiss you Michelle!”

MICHELLE ….”O Barack you are perfect. Please kiss me right now.”

And Barack & Michelle lived happily and very richly ever more.

And the rest of us got screwed by the drug companies and lots of others.







 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.



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