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An Impossible Reality!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 16, 2016: It is hard to believe on one level and it may prove to be nothing but a polling illusion detached from a Presidential vote made up of 50 states but …

The big story today in the media is that Donald Trump is just behind, tied with or ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for President of the United States, when up until recent days you would have felt safe betting your children Trump would not win.

What may be going on here??

Obama’s America is here to tell you as I have been for 293 previous weeks – Barack Obama and his Presidency is largely an illusion. As I keep writing, Obama promised Americans serious CHANGE and he has not delivered.

Then he used all his influence and resources to burden up with Hillary Clinton as his personally chosen successor.

One fact is now for sure – next week’s first Presidential debate which it was assumed would not have a major impact on the results looms as a mega-opportunity for Trump and a possible nightmare for Clinton if Trump is able to make himself look good and Clinton bad in the debate.

Again conventional wisdom is that will not happen but it sure could.

Which brings me back to Barack Obama and the real subject each week here in Obama’s America – Barack Obama’s responsibility. Up until Trump was nominated, he was the Republicans responsibility Now that Trump has been nominated he is Obama’s responsibility. Here’s why …

It’s simple. The general election is a referendum on the Obama Presidency.

It is President Obama, his Presidency, and his role in insuring Hillary Clinton the nomination which is all essential to this frightening story of this is now a  competitive race and President Trump a possibility.

If Barack Obama had made the positive impression in America, his myth machine would have us believe this race would be over as it appeared to be because Donald Trump is such a Buffoon even a big unethical loser like Hilary Clinton looked better by comparison.

In fact Clinton’s earlier huge advantage over Trump was based on Trump’s never ending mistakes – not her appeal as Obama’s third term. For now, anyway with Trump running a better campaign, Clinton’s advantage has disappeared because there never was enthusiasm for Clinton or Obama.

Swing voters who will decide the election are dissatisfied as they should be with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton because they are the “champions” of the Status Quo not Change Masters.

Barack Obama got away with running as a Change Master everyone other than all the mindless Obama worshippers now know he never was. Hillary Clinton can never get away with running as a Change Master – even less so running as President Obama’s chosen heir now that he is exposed.

This is why Donald Trump has become instantly over the last two weeks so much more attractive to many voters since he is no longer running an idiot’s campaign for the moment anyway. Now Donald Trump is benefiting from NOT being either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and giving the impression of being the Change Master many voters crave.

Clinton will still win New York and California and other Blue states easily no matter what but they are never the route to a Republican’s victory for President. It always is states like Florida and Ohio they need to win. Right now Trump is ahead in both Florida and Ohio when he was not a few weeks ago. And that means other like minded states are now in play too.

Barack Obama has created this mess even though you will only read this analysis in Obama’s America. The shallow media does not have a clue.

Bernie Sanders was always a far better candidate to run against Donald Trump because of the Swing States. Swing State voters want CHANGE and Bernie Sanders represented CHANGE not Status Quo Con Artist Hillary Clinton and her equally unethical side-kick Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama’s even more fatal flaw than undermining Bernie Sanders and heavily supporting Hillary Clinton – is Barack Obama himself. The last 8 years have been about reinforcing the Status Quo. Who have been the biggest winners by far the last 8 years?  The wealthiest Americans, not you.

Here’s more. What has Obamacare done to take control of the out of control American medical industry? Nothing at all. Medical and drug costs just keep rising like no place else on Earth. He did not even criticize EpiPens pricing.

What has Obama done to attack waste and abuse in government? Nothing! His Administration has been relentless in harassing and prosecuting whistle blowers trying to shine the light on government abuses. How about government secrecy? No, President has ever been more vigorous in denying  Freedom of Information requests.

How about inner city violence and African American poverty and inferior public education? Don’t look to the Obama Presidency for improvements.

Maybe you want to look to President Obama for his courageous leadership in widely and publicly criticizing despots all over the world in China, Saudi Arabia,  and so many other countries? Sorry wrong President.

How about discouraging the most dangerous weapon in human history? Sorry, President Obama has approved a multi-trillion that’s TRILLION dollar plan to replace our thousands of nuclear warheads with “better” newer ones in the coming years. And Obama has refused to do what even China has which is to promise never to make first use of nuclear weapons.

What about the tax code? Has President Obama issued an executive order to end the abuse of “carried interest” an outrage that allows the richest Americans to avoid Billions in taxes? NO.

How about Apple, the richest company on Earth not paying $14 Billion in taxes it owes in the EU? Did Obama condemn them no way he agrees with Apple not paying its taxes?

What has Barack Obama done? Not being the Change Master voters want and rigging the nomination in favor of another inferior candidate is.

Barack Obama has created the Frankenstein Monster Donald Trump as a possible next President of the United States as much as anyone by making Trump look good to Swing Voters and by bringing us Hillary Clinton as Trump’s opponent and by Obama not being the Change Master America and most Americans have been looking for, and allowing Donald Trump to make believe he is that Change Master rather than a raving idiot.

Will Donald Trump’s current new appeal fade away quickly or if not then in the coming weeks before the election? Maybe, but not for sure.

If it does happen who are we left with?
Barack Obama’s other monster creation if not as scary – Hillary Clinton.

If Obama look in the mirror he will see his other very flawed creation …








 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.



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