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Take Me To Mars Right Now!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 14, 2016: Granted there would be one very good reason to send humans to Mars … and with absolutely NO concern about dangers or returning … this would definitely be a ONE way trip.
To send Donald Trump there unfortunately would take too long to do.

But take Trump out of the equation and it is Mars Madness. I should not waste an episode of Obama’s America on this nonsense since there are many serious issues I should be covering this week but I could not resist sorry.

Why? Because President Obama just published a mindless article for CNN about humans – specifically Americans – going to Mars. While it is Obama at his mindless “best,” there is also a short term self serving motivation too.

I will get to that point later. Never under estimate the Obama Con Factor.

And yes I did write previously about Obama’s Mars fantasy but that was long ago and this is episode 298. This Mars nonsense is a perfect metaphor for the state of our entire society and America most of all.

It also highlights my strongly held view expressed by me week after week, that Obama is superficially intelligent and profoundly stupid. Just like the Idiot Savant Elon Musk, another hopeless Mars junkie.

The key to this never ending morbid fascination with sending humans to Mars is built on a foundation of the hollow kind of thinking humans are prone to which has caused endless problems throughout human history.

In the case of Mars, here is the “deep” thinking that goes into all this interest in a human mission to Mars. The “logic” is Mars is out there so why not send humans there?That is what motivates the vast majority of interest including the stupid media in this episode media “partner” The New York Times and the Star Mars Reporter Kevin Chang ( at least he supports himself and is familiar writing all this gibberish about Mars instead of living out of dumpsters)  – also include his clueless boss Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. another Mars junkie – but if that was all there is, this mindless idea would get little attention. And The Times would not have a Mars Reporter.

Without factoring in the Mars “industry” of scientists, engineers, bureaucrats and assorted others who live very well paid lives indeed “selling” us Mars – without appreciating the importance of the  Mars “industry” you cannot fully understand this mindless madness. A tale told by Idiots.

OK lets gets to President Obama’s musings on Mars this week.

Prepare yourself for the BS that follows …

“One of my earliest memories is sitting on my grandfather’s shoulders, waving a flag as our astronauts returned to Hawaii. This was years before we’d set foot on the moon. Decades before we’d land a rover on Mars. A generation before photos from the International Space Station would show up in our social media feeds.”

That was before he was old enough to spend his days smoking pot and playing basketball with the elite Hawaiians he grew up and went to school.

As usual I will skip lots of Obama’s bla, bla, bla so you don’t get sick.

“We have set a clear goal vital to the next chapter of America’s story in space: sending humans to Mars by the 2030s and returning them safely to Earth, with the ultimate ambition to one day remain there for an extended time. Getting to Mars will require continued cooperation between government and private innovators, and we’re already well on our way.”

Really President Obama? REALLY? Are you still smoking weed?

Guaranteed President Obama does not have a clue in making that statement. It is the kind of brain dead thinking that has characterized his 8 years. Like Obamacare – his gift to the medical industry.

The problems and cost of sending humans to Mars are endless. But put that aside for a moment Obama is excited about stuffing some astronauts into a large “closet” for months and months and why to land on the biggest endless desert in this part of the galaxy. A DESERT WITHOUT END.

It is not as though these astronauts will get past the desert and find the Promise Land of Milk & Honey on Mars. It would be like landing  in the Mojave Desert, except there is no way out. And they will “live” if you want to call it that, in primitive huts trying to hide from the giant sand storms.

But the best (sic) part is humans all over the earth will be BORED to death watching these Marsnauts day after day sending back mind numbing pictures of them riding around this endless desert if their rover works that is.

Let me make an obvious point here. The ridiculously expensive existing Mars rovers. Remember all the hype each time another billion $$ rover land on Mars and the media flashes us “new” pictures of the same endless desert that the last rover sent back from Mars? Well that is exactly what we are going to get with Americans taking the pictures on Mars but at an even more astronomical cost and risk.

Intellectually challenged Barack Obama has no idea. Racing through the cobwebs in his brain are visions of futuristic cities on Mars, and everyone having so much fun and living even better than the rich  do here on Earth.

Let’s get back to Obama’s musing about Mars for CNN ….

“The reporter who covered the moon landing for The New York Times, John Noble Wilford, later wrote that Mars tugs at our imagination “with a force mightier than gravity.”


Mars tugs at our imagination “with a force mightier than gravity.” Is this the same Mars I just described?  Of course not; it is the Mars FANTASY.

President Obama ends with a rhetorical flourish as usual …

“Someday, I hope to hoist my own grandchildren onto my shoulders. We’ll still look to the stars in wonder, as humans have since the beginning of time. Instead of eagerly awaiting the return of our intrepid explorers, we’ll know that because of the choices we make now, they’ve gone to space not just to visit, but to stay — and in doing so, to make our lives better here on Earth.”

I hope Barack Obama’s grandchildren are not the suckers who leave Earth to live out very short lives on Mars. Happily they will not because this is just more of the Mars FANTASY President Obama and too may others feed us.

So this week, on the very day Obama was doing his Mars talking, NASA very, very quietly released a report with the sleep inducing title “Cosmic radiation exposure and persistent cognitive dysfunction.”

What does this have to do with Mars? EVERYTHING ….

Here is the opening of the report ….

“The Mars mission will result in an inevitable exposure to cosmic radiation that has been shown to cause cognitive impairments in rodent models, and possibly in astronauts engaged in deep space travel.”

The report goes on and on documenting the HORRORS of what will happen to humans during their 18 month trip to from and on Mars.

Bottom line … they are DEAD men and women from all kinds of radiation poisoning. The only question would be, will they be left for dead on Mars or somehow make it back to be buried on Earth?. We are not even close to having the technology to protect humans from this cosmic radiation and when we do maybe someday the cost will be beyond imagination.

Sending humans to Mars by 2030 or 2040 is a complete Con. And the radiation is just one of many, many other more than daunting problems.

AGAIN, why send humans to Mars to do the same ridiculous tasks all the robot Mars rovers are doing which is useless? All these BILLIONS have been wasted by the U.S. on Mars could have been put to so much better use.

Here is more from the NASA report …

“The exploration of space presents countless challenges to the ingenuity of humankind. Vast distances separate our planet from those within and beyond our solar system necessitate further advances in engineering to minimize the deep space travel time and in biology to ameliorate as many of the adverse effects of prolonged space travel as possible. While many threats to the success of such extraterrestrial missions have been popularized in the media and entertainment industries, one area that has not received such attention are the human health risks associated with cosmic radiation exposure.”

ENCORE …. “one area that has not received such attention are the human health risks associated with cosmic radiation exposure.”

“As NASA plans a mission to Mars, astronauts will inevitably be exposed to low fluencies of highly energetic and fully ionized nuclei …. Due to their high energy, multiple charged particle species can penetrate the hull of a spacecraft and tissues of the body depositing a trail of dense ionizations along particle trajectories.”

“In the body, the ionization events resulting from these interactions damage a variety of critical molecular targets, producing complex lesions that compromise cellular repair processes and protract the recovery of irradiated tissues. Recovery from cosmic radiation injury is further confounded by secondary ionizations caused by delta rays that emanate from primary particle tracks, considerably increasing the range and amount of cellular damage.”

END of the humans on Mars any time soon story …

Except let me touch on Obama’s cynical motivation in promoting this nonsense. The idea of going to Mars is a hot topic among the Silicon Valley Billionaires like Elon Musk and others. So what Obama is doing is enhancing his credentials with this pampered group so they will put him on their boards with lucrative stock deals and pay him Big Bucks for speaking.

Now let me give the last word to my favorite Times reporter Kenneth Chang who gets paid well by The Times to write endless gibberish about Mars and of course a new article about President Obama writing about Mars this week.

Ken’s article is titled …

“Can the U.S. Really Get Astronauts to Mars by 2030?”

You already know the answer but here is what Ken writes …

I hate it when Ken lies … “Is travel to Mars even possible? Yes. For decades, a human mission to Mars has been regarded as difficult but doable, given enough time and money and a willingness to subject astronauts to risks like radiation during the long journey.”

What’s that Ken? …“Willingness to subject astronauts to risks like radiation during the long journey.”

NOT a word about the devastating NASA study this week or anywhere else except here. All you get elsewhere from Ken and others is Mars MADNESS.

I nominate President Obama, Elon Musk and Donald Trump for the first human mission to Mars and Ken Chang too, to report it all.

I promise to get back to serious business next episode next week. But writing about Mars MADNESS is so much fun!







About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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