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Mr. Trump, Here Is Obama’s Lunch!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 9, 2016:  Last night I watched “The Legacy of Barack Obama” on CNN. There’s a gift to Barack Obama as his Presidency comes to its END.

CNN should be the call letters for the COMEDY News Network.

Why? Because that is what it is as proven yet again Wednesday night.

Obama’s legacy? WHAT OBAMA LEGACY? Donald Trump?

Yes, another opportunity to repeat my mantra here in these dwindling episode of Obama’s America – soon to become Trump’s America – my mantra – who are the 5 Biggest Con Artists in America …

Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack & Michelle Obama and DONALD TRUMP.

What a Joy to tell the TRUTH this Season of Joy here in Obama’s America.

As for CNN, I watch it most night’s for comedy – what other reason would anyone watch CNN? It  is the network of the Democratic Party Elite and they prove it all day long – program after program most after host. My “favorite” is Don Lemon. He is in a tight contest with Charlie Rose (not on CNN) for world’s Biggest Broadcast Ass Kisser.

Anyway enough aside content – this episode is about the DISAPPEARING Obama. CNN’s pathetic attempts aside, whatever you think of Donald Trump – and I don’t think much – he is eating Barack Obama’s lunch with his Transition.

IF Barack Obama had any real character, he would be counter-punching to Donald Trump’s tweets, statements and appointments but NO surprise since Trump’s victory, Barack Obama has shut up. Why? No mystery at all – because Barack Obama wants to court personal favor with the President-elect; because what Barack  Obama is worried about his After Life of $$$ making and if he has a  “relationship” with the NEW President, Obama’s post Presidency “brand” will be more available rather than the  guy with all the POWER now regularly slamming the FORMER President.

That is just part of the story here.

The fact is whacky policies aside, Donald Trump is a far, far better showman than Barack Obama. Obama was lauded for 8 years for being such an impressive communicator – well NO more.  Trump is a better communicator here in the 21st century. He is making Obama look like someone from the past, out of touch with today as a communicator. And Obama is. Trump uses Twitter like a “genius” but Obama who only started using it recently puts out these “professional” tweets – obviously written by staff members.

Trump because of his policies, should be looking like a fool, but Obama makes him look good among many because his style connects so much better.

Enough said; let me get back to that CNN show: “The Legacy Of Barack Obama.” That is far more entertaining to write about. It was hosted by one of many CNN comedians – Fareed Zakaria – who obviously spent considerable time with Obama for this piece of pure propaganda that tries to present Obama’s many failures as his successful legacy.

Much of this nonsense is “documented” in an article Zakaria wrote on the CNN Website titled “How Obama Changed America.” Pure comedy!
Of course President Obama did NOT change America and that is the problem that Obama’s America has documented for 206 consecutive episodes and which led to Trump’s election by Americans still looking for CHANGE Obama did NOT deliver these last 8 years.

But the Obama propaganda machine lives on at CNN.

From the CNN article and Fareed Zakarai …

“Clearly that was Obama’s aspiration as well — to change the trajectory of America.

Did he?

“If I had been taking stock in mid-2016, the case would have been overwhelming. The Obama administration passed near-universal health care. It fundamentally reshaped America’s energy policy to combat climate change and fuel a clean energy revolution. It enacted the largest reorganization of the financial industry since the Great Depression. It rescued the auto industry. And most of that happened in the administration’s first 18 months. Obama has argued, with merit, in the first two years in office, he accomplished more in domestic policy than any president since Lyndon Johnson.”

What is he talking about ??

ENCORE… “Obama has argued, with merit, in the first two years in office, he accomplished more in domestic policy than any president since Lyndon Johnson.”

That is pure comedy; a joke; A lie.

Obama FAILED in these first two years when he had a veto proof Democratic majority in Congress to bring real CHANGE as he had promised. All Obama did was save the Status Quo and make the rich richer.

Let’s look at some more nonsense from Zakaria about Obama – Obama’s “signature” achievement health care ….

“The most dramatic bet he made was health care. He spent the first few years of his presidency and all his political capital on passing it. And I would argue that even if Donald Trump finds a way to repeal and replace it, it remains a historic achievement. Barack Obama did what seven presidents failed to do — he made health care a fundamental right. Whatever you call it, however you reshape it, that right will likely endure, and because of Barack Obama’s ambition. It’s the signature achievement of a consequential President.”

What universal health care? Obamacare forces Americans to buy private medical insurance at a high cost with ridiculous deductibles and even with access to a public option – all Obama care has done is set back what we truly need is REAL universal health care so many other countries provide..

And Zakaria ends with the Biggest Joke of all … “In a sense, America made a big bet in electing Barack Obama as its first African-American president. And with respect to his personal character and intellect, most of the country believes that it was a bet that paid off.”

Very FUNNY … that is why we ended up with Donald Trump as President.

NOT funny ….. America is NOT laughing. Thanks for nothing Obama!







About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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