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Barack in Paradise

 By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Dec. 28, 2016: STOP THE NEWSAMERICASNOW PRESSES! Only THREE more episodes of Obama’s America EVER!

And I already have so much new material I will NEVER be able to cover. Yet, this NEW Obama news is good enough to bump all the other good material. This is just too good to put aside!

So President Obama made some NEWS on his final Presidential jaunt to Hawaii for Christmas and New Years – Hawaii vacation trip #8 on Air Force One – the last one. For the next 4 years, Air Force One will be in Florida for Christmas, serving its new master Donald Trump.

Poor Barack Obama will probably have to settle for a new GulfStream and pay his own way, which will not be a problem for Barack and Michelle. The Big Bucks will come flooding in for their “foundation” come January 21st.

So what is the NEWS coming out of the President’s mansion in Hawaii?

I am going to give this a prize as the most IRONIC statement Barack Obama has made as President for all 8 years. Yes it is that “good.”

The Winner is … This is what President Obama just said publicly …

“If I had been able to run for a third term I would have beaten Trump.”


Any Democrat – ANY Democratic candidate for President male or female EXCEPT Hillary Clinton – would have beaten Donald Trump in both the national vote and more importantly in the Electoral College.

So the unbelievable IRONY here is two-fold. First Obama is very directly calling Hillary Clinton a LOSER who could not beat Trump but he could …

But that is just prelude to the FAR greater IRONY …..

Hillary Clinton was Barack Obama’s personal candidate for President from Day One. He did everything imaginable to encourage her candidacy and discourage others from running.

Or is Obama telling us he was part of a bizarre “conspiracy” to purposely elect Donald Trump President by insuring Hillary Clinton would be his opponent?. That is beyond ridiculous. What he is in fact telling us is  …

How profoundly STUPID Barack is as I keep telling you. He is a classic example of an individual who displays very believable superficial intelligence but behind the “mask” there is nothing but empty space. And this also is perfectly suited for him to be the Master Con Man he is also.

What’s that someone in the back say that Barack Obama was “neutral” and did not favor any one candidate nor discourage others from running? What planet do you live on? Or  maybe you live in a strange parallel universe.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were PARTNERS in her nomination.

And now he is making the self-serving claim by clear implication that the Democrats would have won – EXCEPT they nominated Hillary Clinton.

This is Barack Obama as the Supreme CON Man. Trying to claim he would have beaten Donald Trump while trying to CON us into believing only he could have done so when he knows that what his REAL claim he wants to hide from is that any other candidate would have beaten Trump.

If he had the integrity and honesty – he clearly does not – President Obama would have the following statement this week in Hawaii ….

“I want to apologize more than anyone ever can to the American people and Democrats most of all and apologize to Bernie Sanders even more.

I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR TRUMP’S ELECTION because I did everything possible to insure Hillary Clinton’s nomination. No I did not publicly endorse her until she had won the majority of delegates, but I did not have to do so. Indeed, had I officially endorsed her earlier it would have been to her disadvantage. She would have been seen as my puppet by Democrats and non–Democrats and she would have been challenged by others possibly many other potential Democratic candidates.

So what I did was far more insidious. I made sure influential Democrats knew how I felt and since the Democratic Party is controlled by wealthy powerful elites that is all I had to do. But I did far more all my key former campaign staffers ALL went to work for Hillary with my blessing.

But I did more. I did not want to take any chances. I let the DNC, led by  Debbie Wasserman Schultz,  a fanatic Hillary Clinton supporter, use the DNC to undermine any other potential candidate and Bernie Sanders most of all.

Bernie Sanders became the BIG problem. He stayed in the race and if we did not thwart him, if we allowed a fair primary process, of course Sanders would have beaten Clinton. So we made sure to undermine Bernie Sanders.

I Barack Obama deserve to be vilified by Democrats as I elected Trump.

Don’t ever forgive me. Learn a very valuable painful lesson. I conned you.”

Now you know why I dumped other material for this unbelievable irony.


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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