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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 8, 2011: It keeps getting more Bizarre.

The state of American politics and the condition of our government. A new major poll has Donald Trump polling just below Mitt Romney in second place as the most “appealing” candidate for President among Republicans. Actually that is beyond Bizarre; except it isn’t at all. It says everything about our American society in 2011. Or nothing at all if you wish.

Donald Trump is a Con Man and an actor. That may not be the universal view about him but it is one that can be substantiated and which has widespread support. Then again and this week we are already at the IRONY because that is the very opinion many Republicans (and others including some Progressives ) have of Barack Obama. Put another way are Barack Obama and Donald Trump two versions of the same character? Interesting idea.

The more specific connection between Donald Trump and Barack Obama is how well it identifies the true state of next year’s Presidential election. As bumbling as some of us feel Obama has been as President, and as much recent success as Republicans have had running against him Barack Obama as of today is virtually guaranteed to be re-elected President next year.

NO Donald Trump will not be his Republican challenger but this new poll that makes Trump appear to be a serious possibility to be the Republican candidate running against Obama proves just how much a favorite Obama is. Trump polls so well because: 1) so far virtually NO Republican is willing to run next year, and 2) into this void rushes a Show Man like Trump, and 3) the media desperate for Presidential material for its viewers and readers clings to a morality imbecile like Trump for dear life.

Donald Trump polled at 17 percent in this recent poll to Romney’s first place 22 percent. That may not seem all that impressive but in fact had any “real” candidate at this point been only 5 percent behind Romney who has been running forever and who is both a Mormon and did dismally in 2008 anyone would be jubilant to have the same 17 percent as Trump and right now their candidacy would be taking off.

The same reality is that the ONLY reason Trump polls at 17 percent is name recognition. The not so secret dirty little secret of political polls is that they are often little more than name recognition polls.

Ninety six percent of Americans know who Donald Trump is – basically the same percentage as Obama – because he has made a career of working the press and getting publicity. Indeed some will conclude name recognition plus the ability to work the media WOW that does make him a serious candidate. Isn’t that exactly what made Barack Obama President?

Proving the point emphatically Trump has received what may be the most significant wave of major media attention he has ever
received as a result of announcing weeks ago he may run for President of the United States next year.

He has appeared on most major news shows as a result and been the recipient of major print media exposure. Trump has successfully done what he knew he would enhanced his BRAND even further by his announcement. He does it again and again.

Specifically his silly network show Celebrity Apprentice has seen its ratings rise. Generally from all this new publicity Trump’s image is more “substantial” than it has ever been. The fact that he has done the same and announced he might run for President each of the 4 last Presidential elections doesn’t cost him anything in loss of credibility. The media is desperate for material! Trump is more than willing again and again and again. Forever more!

The Big Scam here is that Republicans in general and the Tea Party fanatics specifically will be even more reviled by Donald Trump than they are by Barack Obama if and when they actually take a look at Donald Trump’s life story.

His reality story of partying, gambling businesses, bankruptcies, very questionable friendships, suspicious dealings, ungodliness (has he ever seen the inside of a church he wasn’t trying to turn intoa casino), and abortion friendly and more is exactly what the Republican Right abhors. And if that were not enough Donald Trump is a lifelong NEW YORKER! The Kiss of Death. Yes upon careful analysis even Barack Obama will look good to Tea Drinkers compared to Trump.

And Dear Readers that is the Point.

This Donald Trump escapade is “entertaining” proof of the true condition of the Republican Party in 2011, and the reason barring a Right Wing miracle Barack Obama is very, very likely to be re-elected next year. For all the Republican bravado and the glaring Democratic weaknesses, the Republicans are largely in disarray and most of all where they should be showing their most formidable strength in response to Obama on the Presidential campaign trail. It is empty so far. Except for the Trump mirage.

Here is the PROBLEM for the rest of us those of us NOT pleased with the REALITY of Barack Obama which is NOT the promise of Barack Obama that had so many of us voting for him in 2008….

As I keep telling you Obama’s ONLY agenda is getting re-elected so he and Michelle can continue to ENJOY The Big House and the even Bigger Airplane, etc, etc. All this Republican BS best characterized by a master of BS Donald Trump does nothing but convince Obama the best way to get RE-elected is to as invisible as messy reality will allow him. NOT take any strong position he can avoid taking.

NOT do anything he can avoid to rile Independents and especially Republicans which is the same formula do as little as possible. Obama who is already one of the WEAKEST Presidents in American history has all the reason he needs to play to his weakness the next two years as his strategy to keep enjoying the Good Life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue until 2017.

Who knows, after that maybe Barack Obama will challenge Trump with his own Celebrity Apprentice Show?? Especially if once again Trump is off running (sic) for President in 2020.

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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