Obama’s America – Episode 90 – We All Should Be Marxists

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 2, 2012: No I am not going to write about the storm. Yes I was in the middle of it. Witnessed Lower Manhattan flooded and did not believe it. Watched cars floating out of underground garages. Wondered if I might be swept away. But there is nothing I can add that so many others have and are. Or even less relate it to the Presidential election in any useful way.

More to the point, while I am stranded in Brooklyn far from my base of operation in Lower Manhattan and sitting at a library computer using an “alien” system Windows and worse with this computer timing out in less than 30 minutes and no way to save this document – this is my third try to do so – I still intend to finish Episode 91 if I can and not break my streak. But it must be brief this week.
So leaving the Storm aside …..

About being a Marxist. While some may say we have Two Clowns running for President that is too strident for me to write, plus it might come back to bite me later. So that inaccurate reference aside this election proves to me why I am and you should also be a Marxist.
My Marxist hero the founder of this non-party is the great American philosopher who trumps the Other Marx by far. I am referring rather to the Great Grouch Marx who as we know in his own words would never join a party that would admit him.

There is so much that is Marxist in this election but due to my severe time constraint I will concentrate on just one. Call it the biggest one of all. I have written about it before but it deserves more.

The fiendishly “amusing” Electoral College. A make believe college that would never admit Groucho.

We are told to believe since we are born that we are all equal under the law – stop laughing you Marxist and non-Marxists alike – which means the U.S. Constitution. It is painfully obvious we are not equal when it comes to how we elect U.S. Presidents. The Electoral College turns that core principle into an American Farce. And a very good or bad if you like reason to be a Marxist.

I live in New York State – no Brooklyn is not a state but should be (call that a Marxism). My vote next Tuesday is meaningless. That is very funny in a demented way. Your vote is also meaningless if you live in over 80% of America or one of about 40 states. But if you live in Ohio your vote is almost priceless. It is worth an infinite times more than mine and probably yours. It’s the same for the precious few who live in a handful of states like Ohio, Florida, Nevada and a few more. About 10 states. You can get the complete list elsewhere. I’ve made my point already.
So we are left with this ridiculous Electoral College deciding the fate of our most important election and as a result the fate of the national government we rely on. There is no doubt the Electoral College is having a major impact on this election and past elections. 2000 the most obvious recent example. But in fact the Electoral College impacts what Presidents do all the time. See my prior Commentary.

Here in this brief Commentary. I will focus on the core issue and make the case no one ever has as much controversy as there is about the Electoral College. The core Constitutional principle of “one person one vote” underwent a profound transformation clarifying it beyond dispute in the 13thm 14th and 15th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution which ended Slavery following the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation.
What has never been to my knowledge pointed out with clarity until – and it has certainly never been placed before the Supreme Court as it must be – that these 3 Amendments not only made Slavery illegal but they also with the same stroke invalidate34d the Electoral College.

There is a fundamental contradiction between equality under law and one person one vote and the reality of the Electoral College. Both cannot be true, and just as the original U.S. Constitution allowed Slavery the AMENDED Constitution did not it is or should be just as true for the Electoral College.

The Electoral College is no longer legal under the U.S. Constitution since the election of 1868.

Let that sink in. I contend the logic is air tight. No ambiguity at all. Its time to call the issue!

This Presidential election should be must be the LAST time the Electoral College decides who is President. It does not exist anymore under our Constitution. And again the problem goes far beyond whether or not as in 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College as fundamental as that is. The fact is every Presidential candidate including President Obama these last 4 years and Mill Romney all the years he has been running for President both are playing to the Electoral College NOT to one nation under God as our most fundamental document the U.S. Constitution requires.

Now you know why I am a Marxist although there are many other reasons and why so should you!
The Electoral College reduces our Presidential elections to a Bad Joke.

Sorry Groucho.

See you after this Constitutionally “illegal” election and I hope after the Storm’s ravages are gone.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.