Obama’s America – Episode 95 – Will Obama Go Up In Smoke?

Obama’s War On Medical Marijuana.
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 7, 2012: What do you think of a government that equates marijuana with heroin and cocaine and treats its use and sale as equal offenses and with comparable severe federal penalties?

I know what to call it – “insane!”

Welcome to the USA and the Obama White House. Or more preciously, former youthful Pot Head Barack Obama’s White House where hypocrisy knows no bounds.

A 34-year-old U.S. enforcement agent was killed last week. Why? He and others were in pursuit of some bad guys with nothing more than a boat load – NOT of heroin or cocaine or amphetamines or crack – but just marijuana.

Those other punks get away while Barack Obama wages a national and international war on marijuana that would put his recent predecessors in The White House to shame.

Why? Because with most everything Obama does, there is no sincerity, just political and personal advantage to consider. Going after marijuana is an easy way to placate the Right and the so called Left has nowhere else to go, no matter what Barack Obama does. You can’t come up with a better definition of cynicism and duplicity.

SURPRISE! This week’s commentary is not an argument for the national legalization of marijuana; even if it might have been had I been so inclined, but I am not …

It is about the far larger issue rolled in marijuana. It is about the rights of the citizens of individual states; it is about the suffering of the sick; it is about supporting international drug gangs; it is about wasting lives and national resources.

An increasing number of states led by California have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes approved by a doctor but that has not stopped the Obama Administration, using federal law and agents, to terrorize those who grow and use medical marijuana in those states.

Others states have gone further and just legalized marijuana possession and use in small quantities. Woe for them with Barack Obama in The White House. Run as fast as you can!

But you have to go to Mexico and find the most vicious dangerous corrupt gang lords who love Barack Obama for coming down hard on marijuana. Barack Obama is the best thing that ever happened to them. Obama has made them billionaires while leaving piles of dead bodies all over Mexico and fear reigning almost everywhere there.

What do drug lords fear more than each other, more than anything on Earth? The U.S. ending its persecution of marijuana sellers. It will put many them out of business and leave them killing each other for the more limited business in real drugs like heroin and crack.

The fact is, the war on drugs is a fiasco, a multi-billion dollar failure and marijuana, is the most ridiculous and largest part of that “war.” And Change Master Barack Obama has done nothing but expand the war on marijuana.

Let me turn to the more than obvious painful irony that everyone knows only too well. While trying to keep mostly harmless marijuana out of the hands of even terminally ill cancer patients in constant pain begging for relief, which marijuana can easily and cheaply provide them, they get pumped up with “legal” doses of highly addictive morphine and powerful pills galore, turning them into mindless addicted zombies as they await Death.

Four more years of Barack Obama! God help us all. Maybe more than most, those in the growing number of states where medical marijuana is legal, but not in Obama’s World.

God help us even more that the alternative would have been an even more mindless Republican who would have ignored his states’ rights propaganda and probably gone after marijuana with even more severe tactics, while in his spare time selling what is left of America to the Super Rich – the small part they don’t already own!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.