Obama’s Campaign: Why Things Never Change

“Don’t Know Why I’m Laughing … Well Read This Commentary”

"Dont' Know Why I'm Laughing - Well Read This Commentary."
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 2, 2012: So Obama will be here once again in NYC tonight as I write.
Why? You know why – to raise another pile of money.

Obama is NO Change Master. He is part and parcel of the system that never changes. Call it the problem. In fact, call him Master of the Status Quo.
Change master? What a Joke. Call Obama Con Artist as I do all the time – week after week.

Tonight’s BIG trip on Air Force One, of course to New York City, coincides nicely with the front page article in the New York Times that the theme of Obama’s re-election campaign is going to be “our” national comeback. Obama is identifying himself with the supposed rebound of the U.S. economy.

Thanks NY Times. This will be another one of those easy commentaries where I can swipe much of my material from them – like you would a comedian watching their act – because they unintentionally do such a good job here of exposing Obama and his campaign for what it is a Con Job.

Obama relishes this theme of himself, representing the theme of America coming back because like everything else he does, it gives the appearance of sincerity and Obama’s interest in all of us when in fact the COMEBACK he is actually referring to is his. The fact is that the second term of the very pampered life he and Michelle LUST after right now seems like a good bet.

Good for him not us, the Republicans are pathetic. Their embrace of greed, pettiness, bigotry, phony patriotism, privilege, narrow mindedness and an almost endless list of less than human characteristics Republicans pride themselves on leave them out in the cold.
So that here in the Real World a Con Artist like Obama finds it easy to look good. Although up until recently, as much as The Republican “elite” are ridiculous, Obama still looked like a loser.

Back to this article on Thursday’s Times front page. It begins: “In ways large and small, Mr. Obama has seized on a narrative of national optimism in recent weeks, offering a portrait of a country that, guided by him and powered by the American worker, is making a comeback. It is a narrative with strong echoes of President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign and one that is intended to provide a contrast with today’s less sunny Republican candidates.”
And, of course, it is meant to suggest that Mr. Obama himself has hit his own stride.

“I placed my bet on the American worker,” he said Tuesday in a boisterously received speech at a United Automobile Workers conference.

That’s it in a nutshell – America and Obama are one! We’re winning, so he’s winning. And he’s excited about it. Obama’s excited about the prospects of 4 more years flying around on Air Force One, living in The White House and those expensive vacations in Hawaii, mostly paid for by us. Along with so much more.

“For Mr. Obama, the theme is intended to turn the country into something of a running mate. While Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner and often-unnamed foil in the president’s speeches, may say the country has lost some of its global power and economic might, Mr. Obama remains full of hope and confidence, in a strategy that harks back to his 2008 campaign.”

I LOVE IT .. Obama turning the country into his running mate! Pure Con Artist material. This guy is a Master! All the other lesser Con Artist take note. This guy knows his stuff.

WAIT a second – it seems everyone does not agree with Obama?

Back to the Times article …

“America’s not back,” said Stanley Greenberg, chief executive of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, a polling company that works with Democrats. “We have long-term fundamental problems with respect to personal debt, etc. If you look at our data and history, it takes a long time before job numbers translate into accepting at a personal level that things are better.”

“Mr. Greenberg’s firm did a poll of 1,000 likely voters after the State of the Union speech, testing the “America is back” message compared with Mr. Obama’s other messages, and concluded that it is “by far the weakest,” according to a memo the firm put out after the poll.”
Know who REALLY is doing well.

Do I really need to tell you. Of course it’s the 1% and the wannabe 1% the top 10% just ‘below’ them. They are back better than ever with Obama. After he made sure they all got bailed out and then got more from his buddy Bernanke and the Fed dolling out FREE money to all the big banks and companies the 1% plus get so much of their wealth from.

Then again, as I keep telling you, Obama is a member of the 1% and always will. If his wallet is not bulging as much as some of them, wait until he CASHES IN after what he hopes is his second-term. Meet the FIRST billion dollar sooner or later former First Couple Barack and Michelle.
Guaranteed. Bank on it. They’ll do even better than the Clintons. Maybe way better. They do it better than even Bill and Hillary. Sorry Bill and Hillary. It’s true.

Back to the Times ..

“The new message extends to Mr. Obama’s public mood. He seems to have cast off the gloom of last year and is instead trying to shape himself into a happy, likable candidate. He chats up the reporters in the press cabin in the back of Air Force One and clearly enjoyed helping a student demonstrate a marshmallow shooter at a White House science fair. The first lady, Michelle Obama, and first dog, Bo, recently stunned tourists visiting the East Wing of the White House with an appearance. And the President himself last week did another impromptu singing performance, taking the microphone at a White House jazz event to croon a verse of “Sweet Home, Chicago.” He had sung a snippet of an Al Green tune at the Apollo Theater in January.”

SURPRISE – Obama’s a happy man tap dancing around The White House and SINGING with joy while Michelle lets the Common Folk pet their dog Bo because it looks to them like 4 more years of ultimate LUXURY for both of them at our expense.

Too bad the Obama’s “real world” isn’t ours.

But enough of that article if you aren’t puking already. This is the point. We NEVER get change because Obama like all the others SELL us crap. He and the others get us to believe their personal prospects better call it their fortunes are synonymous with ours.

That putting Obama back in The White House equates with the Good Life for the rest of us. Some good life for the rest of us!

Wake up! It is a classic Con Job by a Master of the Con U.S. President Barack Obama. Hail to the Chief of conning us.

Obama has been worried after he conned us all with Change we can believe in 4 years ago that now we were going to throw him out for lying to us. Instead he and his spin masters see bright light at the end of this tunnel that they can once again craft a phony message that will sell. THE GLORY OF THE CON!!
Let me turn to the other Obama article in Thursday Times because it works so, so well with the first. It’s all about Obama’s fund raising trip to New York City Thursday night March 1st…

It’s party time with Barack Obama for the rich who want to delude themselves they are really progressives who care about all of us not themselves. Aren’t they wonderful? These pampered ones!

This second article is also on page one of the NY Times!! Titled …. “ Between Chandeliers, Fund Raising. ABC Carpet & Home Prepares for an Obama Dinner”
To this article …

“And so it is that the two will join forces Thursday night at what will undoubtedly be an impeccably designed party. ABC Home’s chief executive and creative director, Paulette Cole, is co-chairwoman, and guests will be fed by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who will man the helm at the elegant, organic backroom bistro, ABC Kitchen. All of which left Ms. Cole, a Democrat, sounding positively patriotic.”

“We sort of see our role as having an opportunity to serve,” she said, sitting at an $8,500 dining table. And the event, she added, was a chance to “amplify initiatives and work that we’re really, really passionate about.”

Did you catch that statement!!!

“All of which left Ms. Cole, a Democrat, sounding positively patriotic.” She feels PATRIOTIC about hosting a fundraising dinner for Obama that costs $38,800 a plate. The tables themselves only cost $8,500 if you want to take one home.

PATRIOTISM for the rich Obama style. As these WEALTHY “Democrats” con themselves with Obama’s willing enthusiasm to think they are just members of the 99% simply helping the country when all they are doing is helping themselves getting their tickets PUNCHED so they continue to get favored treatment in the tax code and every else in The Obama White House.

Hypocrisy never goes out of style. It becomes high fashion when a “master” Con Artist like Barack Obama is President.
Back to this article …

“It doesn’t mean knishes or hot dogs, that’s for sure,” said Phil Suarez, Mr. Vongerichten’s business partner. (At $35,800 a plate — no, that’s not a typo — it had better not be hot dogs.)
“The dinner at ABC Carpet & Home, mind you, is only the first part of the evening, which also includes a more affordable $1,000- a-person gala in the store itself.”

WOW the rest of us can get near Obama if we can’t afford dinner at $38,800 a plate. For $1,000 a ticket Thursday night we can get squeezed into a room and see Obama from afar. Aren’t we lucky!

There is more ….

Listen to this well know “liberal” BS artist one of the co-chairs ..
“While he’s at ABC, Mr. Obama will mingle with another of the event’s chairmen, Deepak Chopra, the mind-body practitioner, who uses ABC’s mezzanine as his home base, where he keeps an office. Mr. Chopra said he was proud to help the president, who has “displayed complete loyalty to reasoned policies” and needs another term. “Through 30 years of reactionary conditioning, we’ve allowed basic values to deteriorate,”

Deepak Chopra says …. Obama is the Man because Obama has “displayed complete loyalty to reasoned policies” and needs another term.” It’s called Kissing Ass Deepak. But no doubt Chopra will be RICHLY rewarded by His Man Barack Obama.

I told you not to puke dear reader well I’m getting ready to vomit.

I can’t take any more. It’s just too deep wading through all this Obama BS tonight at Carpet & Home in NYC. Where all those caring egalitarian RICH Democrats will meet to make sure they stay on the Obama Gravy Train while they tell each other how great Obama is and how lucky all the rest of us are Obama is President.
And why nothing ever changes in America.
All hail the Presidential Con!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.