“Ok I Did It Now Show Us The Money”
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By Arthur Piccolo

“Ok I Did It Now Show Us The Money”
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 11, 2012: Are there shades of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” in President Obama’s finally coming out of the Political Closet and saying yes he supports gay marriage?

I ask this since we all now know Barack Obama is a big fan of “evolution” – his evolution.

Call him Barack Obama the “evolving” President!

Except there is no evolution taking place here either in the way Charles Darwin meant or Obama would have us believe. The only evolution going on this week in The White House is Obama’s “evolving” re-election strategy. Not his position on gay marriage.

Should we believe that VP Biden went on a Sunday talk show and just blurted out unexpectedly that he supports gay marriage and that then Obama had to come out in response? I think not.

This did not come across as one of Biden’s bloopers but rather a carefully rehearsed line that was well read. Why do it? Because Obama thought he could get away with his VP coming out for gay marriage and that would give him cover so he did not need to do so before the election and still satisfy his election base.

If that was the strategy, it did not work and this resulted in the widely described hasty interview Obama arranged so he could tell the world his position had finally magically “evolved” all the way.

What is going on here? Politics as usual!

Obama got caught in his own never ending game to jerk us around as he has done so successfully for so long. Only this time he got pinned.

Biden’s statement focused more not less attention on Obama trying to play it both ways as he often does so well. His wealthy and influential Left Coast supporters read the situation better than Obama hoped, that BHO and their seething anger at him not coming out for gay marriage was now focused on him by Biden.

Even more with his very big fund raising trip on May 10, 2012, where it won’t be surprising if all of those at George Clooney’s mansion are for marrying anyone you please and that even up to half of those in the George Clooney’s $40,000 a seat dining room Thursday night to eat with Barack were rich, influential and very much GAY. Married and unmarried!

So Obama was smart enough to know what he had to do protect his base more than anything else and especially his very, very rich West Coast entertainment industry base. Which he expects to write him or the Obama super pac as many big checks as he wants and needs all the way up to Election Day. And then take care of him and Michelle when they finally vacate the DC Pleasure Dome.

Of course if Obama had any principles he would have admitted publicly as you can bet he has privately to special supporters he had no problem with gay marriage instead he wanted to have it ways and win over the anti-gay vote in the Swing States too.

Sorry it did not work Barack. And he has paid a price. Possibly heavy political price for his dishonesty.

Obama did not increase his base coming out for gay marriage all he did was keep it by telling the Truth. At the same time he has further alienated and motivated the anti-Obama crowd that sees red when it comes to anything gay, and now they will worry even less about Romney not being pure enough for the Right Wing. It is now even more about just getting rid of gay loving, devil worshipping, alien born, communist sympathizer Barack Obama.

In other words it was a good day for Mitt Romney.

Obama did not win any new votes telling the Truth but he certainly lost some where it matters in states like North Carolina and even more he has energized the other side their votes and their money.

This proves more than anything else Obama was playing politics trying to have it both ways. Ultimately he did not get away with it because his so called base has so many other problems with all the many politically motivated positions Obama takes that the gay marriage issue became just one too many to swallow.

If Obama had the integrity he wants us to believe and had been who we all expected on so many other issues rather than being the Chameleon in The White House he might have gotten a pass from his supporters on gay marriage through Election Day.

But it wasn’t to be Obama is just too flawed.

Obama now has another problem related to the same issue he did not seem to have before. Guess where the Democratic National Convention is this year. That’s right North Carolina which this week voted overwhelmingly to make gay marriage constitutionally illegal in their state forever. Burning gays at the stake will wait.

Are the Democrats specifically is Obama going to move the Convention at this late date. Probably not which will not please the supporters he just had to placate by telling the Truth. Moving it would be an even bigger Brouhaha and no laughing matter.

And come September 3rd ( and even before ) in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Democrats will gather to re-nominate Obama in the state currently newly most synonymous with the ban on gay marriage the issue is guaranteed to be front and center the last place Obama wants it to be.

Why? Once again the election for President is not really a national election its all about 8-10 swing states that will decide whether Obama or Romney wins in November. And an issue like gay marriage could be the deciding margin in some of those all important states and decide this election in Romney’s favor.

Add to all this there is no doubt outside the convention center throughout the 4 days and especially on the final night when Obama makes his grand entry and acceptance speech there will be thousands upon thousands of God fearing protesters from North Carolina and everywhere else ringing the convention center shouting at the top of their lungs that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. And everyone else will go to Hell.

Wo is Barack Obama come September, before and after. In North Carolina and all the Swing States. Making this election a referendum on gay marriage for some over other issues.

It is far too early to make a prediction but if Obama loses because he does not take one or two crucial swing states don’t be surprised if the post-election analysis is that it was May 9, 2012, when Barack Obama lost this election. The day his position on gay marriage finally “evolved” and he took a position.

The day he finally told the Truth!

It would be one of the greatest ironies of American history if Barack Obama lost the Presidency this November because he finally told the Truth ! Call him the anti- George Washington!

After lying to us to win the Presidency in 2008.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.