Online Gambling In The USA: The Future

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legalizing-online-gambling-in-the-usaNews Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Aug. 8, 2017: Here at News Americas Now, we cover a range of topics on our website to ensure that you are kept up to date with all the latest goings on in our country today. Some topical issues are hotter than others but for this post, we thought we would look at the state of the USA gambling market and how it looks for the future. Currently, there are real restrictions to what you can and cannot do when it comes to gambling in the USA.

The Big Debate

Of course, every state is different and in some parts of the country, it isn’t uncommon to see luminescent signboards flashing across the street as well as alleyways and streets lined with buildings where you can hear the jingle of coins from within. A trip to Las Vegas is but an idyllic fantasy for many people around the world and not everyone can afford to make this expensive and often luxurious trip. You don’t have to go to Las Vegas though to get a taste of the casino, as this type of entertainment can be experienced in different ways.

This is where online gambling comes in and although it will never recreate the excitement of walking around a real casino, you can win big (and lose big) playing on these sites. Online gambling does indeed drive the livelihoods of millions of American citizens every single day. Right now, the concern lies with individual states. Gambling laws are different between states and no state wants the federal government interfering in matters respective to that state. Thus, the debate rages on about the future of online gambling within the US.

What About Bingo?

All 50 states have refrained from passing a bill to legalize online gambling entirely restricting the types of games that can be played legally. Of course, games such as bingo are available in many states across the country. You can even play online bingo on certain bingo sites and many see the full legalization of online gambling in the USA as an inevitability. Of course, right now you can play on many sites with new games with new bingo sites available in the USA regularly. Online bingo platforms such as Bingo Sweets allow you to play for real cash prizes with ease.

Of course, whether you are permitted to play on these sites by state law naturally depends on the state in which you currently reside from. While it may seem slow, online bingo sites are a key driving factor behind the growth of online gambling in the US. Indeed, 4 years have now passed since the OLC opinion regarding the Wire Act which allows states to consider passing online gambling bills. As of writing, we can see multiple states passing online gambling bills before 2020 and thus many more states will be able to enjoy online bingo games and more.

online-gambling-in-the-usaThese developments are all based around the changing of agendas for many jurisdictions. What was true 10 years ago may not be so relevant now and the priorities of a state can change at a surprisingly rapid rate. While there may not be an appetite for online gambling by one particular state at the current time, doesn’t mean that this won’t change within the next 5-10 years. It is certainly a hot topic in the press right now and we will continue to monitor developments if and when we get them but a few games of bingo may just have to do for now!