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Top policy battles of 2013: Immigration – MSNBC

MSNBCTop policy battles of 2013: ImmigrationMSNBCAfter an election win that owed a lot to Hispanic voters, President Obama has made clear that fixing our broken immigration system is perhaps his top legislative priority for his second term. At the fore...

As One Immigration Enforcement Program Fades Away, Another Rises – ABC News

ABC NewsAs One Immigration Enforcement Program Fades Away, Another RisesABC NewsA federal program that allows certain local law enforcement officers to act as immigration agents will be scaled back at the end of this year, according to U.S. Immigration...

Obama’s Next Act: Immigration Reform – Businessweek

Obama's Next Act: Immigration ReformBusinessweekWashington won't get much of a reprieve from verbal pyrotechnics once the drama of the fiscal cliff is over. Up next: major immigration reform. President Obama has made it clear that a comprehensi...

The hypocrisy of Republicans – Amsterdam News

The hypocrisy of RepublicansAmsterdam NewsCall it hypocrisy, plain and simple! While Republicans have pushed an enforcement-only immigration agenda and self-deportation, speaker after speaker at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., last w...


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