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News Americas, PANAMA CITY, Panama, Fri. April 1, 2011: They say a chicken soup is good for the soul but in Panama, the Panamenian Chicken Soup or Sancocho de Panama is good for mind, body and soul!

Those who enjoy a good sancocho always come back for second helpings. Now you too can make the soup in the comfort of your kitchen.

300 Grams Chicken (Legs, Chicken Breast)
100 Grams Diced Onions, Oregano
1 Bay Leaf
200 Grams Yam Or Potatoes, Carrots Or Any Vegetable You Prefer
1 And 1/2 Liter Of Water
2 Tablespoons Of Coriander Cut In Fine Pieces
Salt And Pepper.

DIRECTION: On medium heat brown the onions and the chicken pieces shortly in oil, season chicken, add the oregano, the bay leaf, coriander and 1 and 1/2 liter of water. Once it is boiling add the yam (cut in small pieces) stir and reduce the heat, once the yam is soft and the liquid is reduced, then the sancocho is ready to serve.

NOTES: You may serve this soup with white rice on the side.

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