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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 15, 2021: The LAST episode of Trump’s America EVER!

America’s first and only NON-President.

Free at last, FREE at last, God Almighty FREE at last from Donald Trump!

Now on to the future. But what future? Will this be nothing better than the 3rd Obama Term with Joe Biden standing in? Are you sure it won’t be?

Well let’s make sure by ALL of us doing our part. Doing more than watching CNN every day. We settled for Barack Obama not being George W. Bush. Will we now settle for Joe Biden not being Donald Trump? Granted that is important. It was imperative to get rid of the demagogue Donald Trump.

Now what? I wrote a new book; I write this weekly commentary in which I will not give Joe Biden a free ride. What are you doing?

My message is institutional CORRUPTION. The legal kind of corruption in which the rules greatly benefit the rich and powerful at our expense. In government, we have two entrenched elites – the Republican elite and the Democratic elite. They take care of themselves and we get the crumbs.

Here is what we normally see on Inauguration Day – which we will not this year because of COVID-19. That does not change the message. What usually happens on Inauguration Day, specifically in the evening – whether it was a Democrat or Republican who was just sworn in as President … is the so-called FUN part of the day. In the evening, there are a large number of ticketed so called “balls” at which the rich and powerful put on their expensive dresses and tuxedos, jewels and Rolex, and gather at DC hotels and other venues waiting for the President and First Lady to make a brief stop.

What is all of this about? Let me tell you if you don’t know. It’s not about dancing or feasting, and it’s not real fun. It is the once every four-year RITUAL, in which the Party that has won the Presidency celebrates their good fortune and meet up with THEIR elite, who will benefit so richly the next 4 years.

The REAL winners every four years on Inauguration Day are the members of the party elite who get all those big title jobs in The White House, and all the many federal agencies, and get to control the agenda.

It is all those members of the party’s elite who are lobbyists, lawyers, consultants, advisors, etc.  who will grow even richer because of their “access” (sic) to the government. It is the party’s wealthy donors, both individuals and corporations, who get to pick from a menu of special benefits that will now be available to them.

It does not matter at all that these “balls” will not take place this January 20, 2021. Yes it is a good opportunity for the elite to see others they rarely do, and make some new VALUABLE contacts for themselves. But it is not necessary. What matters is when Joe Biden is sworn in as President at 12 Noon on January 20th – the Democratic Party elite will automatically get their tickets punched.

Sorry, does this sound cynical? It is REALITY. And it is cynical!

Will President Joe Biden, a lifelong member of the Democratic Party elite who has grown wealthy as a member and in a lifetime of “public service” do more than just take care of the Party Elite? Yes, he will. The rest of us must get something – we elected him. The question is what and how much?

The answer, no matter how much better President Biden is than Donald Trump (remember never ever call him President) – I am sadly betting there will be NO fundamental change in the government. NO end to rampant inequality of wealth and power. NO change in how Congress does NOT work.

We will all probably get a new $2,000 GIFT from Biden by way of Covid-19 relief, not just those who need it, but a family with 2 professional parents and a combined income of up to $150,000 who lost NO income as result of Covid-19 and with 3 children – many may get gift of $10,000. Quite a gift for nothing!

I know Bernie Sanders will be very happy. Those $2,000 checks are at the top of his agenda; he mentions them all the time. I am sure the $150,000 a year family will be happy to get $10,000 from the U.S. government they don’t need.

Maybe they will take a dream vacation to Tahiti and hopefully also send a contribution to the Democratic Party to show their appreciation.

The REAL issue is not buying off well off Americans; the REAL issue is structural change. These $2,000 check for the well-off are just one obvious example of the institutional CORRUPTION in which the government does nothing to end inequality in America but rather reinforces it.

The larger issue is the tax code. Biden will propose slightly raising the tax rate for wealthy individuals and large corporations. And to make it worse, with a Tax Code filled with goodies that allow both to avoid paying more taxes.

Where is the Biden proposal for a WEALTH tax? It is NO where to be found. Where is Biden’s proposal to completely rewrite the Tax Code? NO where.

How about reforming Congress so it is not a body fully controlled by just FOUR individuals with unlimited power to control the Senate and the House? The Democrat and Republican leader in each. The four are SUPER Elite members of their Party. They set all the rules, they appoint committee chairs, dole out goodies to their members who never complain and bow to their leaders.

Why would Joe Biden try to change this archaic structure in Congress and create a better Congress? Biden is a product of the current system. Pelosi and Schumer are going to have more POWER than they ever dreamed of having.

Let me stop here. I have the next 208 weekly episodes to cover Biden’s America, no need to jam too much into one episode – and this is not even Biden’s America yet. This is the last episode of Trump’s America EVER!

Let me get back to my new book, which should be available by end of January at Amazon and elsewhere – “21C Unlocking the Future of Capitalism in the 21st Century.” It is my new theory, carefully explaining how to make capitalism works for all of us now and in the future, which it clearly does not now, made worse by the fact that Covid-19 has made the super-rich richer than they have ever been while so many others SUFFER badly as a result of Covid-19.

‘21C’ is only modestly about government, but the implications for government are huge. If only I could get Biden and the Elites to read it, maybe they would have an epiphany. You should read it. Whether you do or don’t – Biden’s America will always be FREE for you.

See you next Thursday after the Inauguration.

The FIRST episode of Biden’s America!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

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