Trump’s America – Episode # 188 – Pelosi’s War

Don’t You Dare Oppose Me!
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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 18, 2020: Make it Nancy Pelosi’s FOUR wars against ….

  1. African Americans & Latinos, 2) Poor Americans, 3) Unemployed Americans, 4) Children of America.

Call them UNHOLY wars – because they are! What is driving Pelosi to wage FOUR major wars at once?

Her blind HATRED of Donald Trump combined with a ridiculous warped view of effective politics. Everyone knows what is going on even if The New York Times and most of the media will not admit it to “protect” Pelosi.

Pelosi has decided the best way to make extra sure Trump loses in November is to make tens of millions of Americans adults and children her worthless suffering pawns by making sure there will be no second pandemic relief package to pass Congress and be signed into law by President Trump.

It is time for REAL Democrats to stand up and call Pelosi’s bluff very, very publicly. Call out Pelosi and rebel against her nonsense.

This is Pelosi’s lame and horribly transparent response to a new bipartisan compromise proposal that would pass both the House and Senate right now and be signed in law by President Trump before the end of this week from the New York Times:

“When it comes to bolstering the public health system, supporting state and local governments and assisting struggling families, the Problem Solvers’ proposal leaves too many needs unmet,” they wrote. “With the general election just 49 days away and the Postal Service sabotaged by the Trump administration, their proposal also abandons our responsibility to protect the life of our democracy.”


That is nothing but PURE garbage out of Pelosi’s brain.

QUOTE … “ Problem Solvers’ proposal leaves too many needs unmet.”


Gee wiz Nancy; unless the bill solves every problem there is across the nation, it is NO good. What a convenient excuse – excuse me RIDICULOUS – excuse to do NOTHING for African Americans, poor Americans, unemployed Americans and American children.

Here is the headline to this article in The Times on Wednesday: “As Democrats Fret, Pelosi Vows to Act Again on Stimulus Plan Before Election.” 

How does that equate with Pelosi’s statement? It does not ! What Pelosi just did is VOW there will be NO compromise bill.


Pelosi’s pants are already on fire. She also told the media she will keep the House “in session” and leave again in another week until after the election in November. NO, NO, NO.

Nancy will NOT keep the House in D.C. working until they get a new Covid-19 relief bill passed. What she means is she will not “officially” end the session the same as she did when she and the rest of the House went on a FIVE-week vacation in August. They just returned from this week.

Members will be far gone in a week, not negotiating, but they will be “on call” to come back IF Pelosi wants. Con game.

Any Democrat in DENIAL about what is really going on here is time to WAKE up. Nancy Pelosi is a BIG problem for REAL Democrats; not the Zombies who want to believe everything evil is Trump and Pelosi is some kind of Goddess.

At the end of this episode, I have a bonus for all my readers about Nancy Pelosi’s future you will not find anywhere else, but first ..

What Problem Solvers bill? Let me get to the proposed bill right now.

SORRY, something else first – this is very important.

There is a rebellion among Democrats in the House against Pelosi, but you have heard nothing about in The Times, on CNN and in most of the media. I wonder why not???

A majority of Democrats in the House want a new COVID-19 bill that focuses on key issues but there is NO democracy for Democrats in Congress. The Iron Maiden has complete control and she slays all her foes.

Some of the Democratic House Members have joined together to go by the names of Blue Dog Coalition and Problem Solvers Caucus. Many more, fearful of the WRATH of Nancy, complain and protest from the shadows.

So here is the Problem Solvers bill that would do so much good and is very thoughtfully written – which all of them eagerly and immediately support – except Pelosi with her absolute dictatorial power in the House.

ALL IMPORTANT … Pelosi will not allow this bill to even be debate!

1) The plan would extend the weekly federal enhanced unemployment benefit that expired in July at $450 for eight weeks, after which it would transition to $600 per week, but capped at 100 percent of a person’s previous wage. The benefits would expire at the end of January 2021 and cost a total of $120 billion, but the plan includes an automatic trigger that could provide an extra three months if conditions warrant, at a cost of $120 billion.

2) State and local governments would get $500 billion in new assistance, as well as more flexibility to spend leftover funds from a prior relief bill enacted in March; $130 billion for future COVID-19 expenses for both state and local governments, $120 billion for local revenue shortfalls and $250 billion for state revenue shortfalls. The proposal includes an automatic trigger to reduce the state and local funds by $130 billion if conditions warrant.

3) The proposal would provide $25 billion in rental assistance to complement an eviction moratorium, with an automatic trigger to reduce the amount by $10 billion if certain metrics are met.

4) Lower-income Americans would get another round of direct payments — $1,200 for adults and $500 for children, similar to the Democrats’ bill — at a cost of $280 billion. Another identical round of checks could be sent out in March if progress towards tamping down the virus lags. 

And here are many other items in this Congressional bill:

5) 100 billion for K-12 schools, regardless of whether they’re open for virtual, in-person or hybrid learning.

6) $30 billion for higher education institutions.

7) $95 billion for a small-business loan program, plus $145 billion in unspent Paycheck Protection Program funds that would be reprogrammed, with an automatic trigger to reduce by $60 billion if health care metrics are met.

8) $25 billion for testing and contact tracing.

9) $30 billion to expand telehealth services and other provider support.

10) $45 billion in Medicare loan forgiveness for providers.

11) $25 billion for agriculture and aquaculture producers and processors

12) $15 billion for the U.S. Postal Service.

13) $12 billion for broadband hot spots in under served communities.

14) $10 billion to provide a 15 percent boost to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program through July 2021 and an additional $1 billion for an equivalent boost to the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program through March 2021.

15) $400 million in election assistance to states.

16) Forbearance (moratorium) federal student loans through the end of 2020.

THANK YOU to the high-quality objective Roll Call for these details, which you will not find anywhere in NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc., etc.

All things consider this is a FABULOUS Covid-19 relief, which will provide a variety of benefits to probably well over 100 million in one form or another and most of all the 30 million unemployed Americans many of them African American and Latino and their children just trying to survive.

Pelosi won’t even allow it to be debated on the Floor of the House.

SHAME a thousand times over on Nancy Pelosi.

UNQUALIFIED to be Speaker of the House.

So here is my prediction. You will not see anywhere else.

Come back and check later after the new Congress convenes in January 2021. There is no doubt at all Democrats will keep control of the House but …

Absolutely bet on it now – if Biden is not elected – President Nancy Pelosi will definitely be voted OUT as Speaker, as she should, and it was her refusal to allow a second pandemic relief bill that will be the key cause.

Further even if Biden is elected, it is still not absolutely certain Pelosi will be re-elected Speaker because she is an ancient out of touch DRAG on the future of the Democratic Party and a majority of Democrats in the next Congress just might be brave enough to show her the door to her retirement.

Let me leave you with this, this episode …

For those who think no good can come if Donald Trump is re-elected, there is one – the END’ of Pelosi as Speaker and peace instead of Pelosi’s WAR.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.