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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. April 21, 2011: Hypocrisy is a constant presence at the Obama White House. At least it doesn’t lack for companionship in Washington, DC!

So President Obama is on the West Coast as I write before he returns to The White House to greet the Easter Bunny. Think President Obama likes to travel on Air Force One. You have seen nothing yet. Expect him to spend more time in the air than on the ground between now and Election Day 2012.

Campaigning sort of but much more to the point shaking the American Money Tree harder than anyone in all of American history. Looks like Hypocrisy will be also be spending as much time on Air Force One as roaming The White House.

It is not clear if Obama has made raising a BILLION $$$ for his re-election official policy but certainly the Obama White House has not denied the figure. So as I write Obama is on the West Coast beginning to shake that tree. First stop FACEBOOK and Mark Zuckerberg. Surprise NOT. Sure it’s a good photo op anyway rubbing expensive shoulders with the Darling of the venture industry it’s unofficial Poster Boy. But much more the West Coast venture industry is loaded with $$$$ and quite rightly Obama sees himself as Their Man. Showing up at FaceBook is symbolism that seals the Deal!

Still the venture industry is not going to pony up a BILLION $$$ not even combined with all the Hollywood $$$$ Obama will have “flung” at him. I estimate these two power groups in his hip pocket where he keeps his campaign wallet still leaves him at least $800 MILLION short of the goal. Could be more could be less who cares its not the point.

What is the point is the Presidential candidate now President who promised us CHANGE we could believe in. Change, not the biggest dollar signs ever seen in politics.

The pivotal moment was when after saying over and over again only a few years ago that he Obama was all for public financing of elections and pledging to accept public funding for his 2008 Presidential campaign ……

……. and that he was outraged about the influence of money in political campaigns. SURPRISE Barack Obama became the first Presidential candidate since the public funding option for Presidential campaigns was established who refused the option even as John McCain accepted that limitation. Yes Hypocrisy was already on the campaign plane with Obama before he ever took his first flight on Air Force One. So what is the problem ?

If I even have to explain it that is the problem. Money controls American politics and government. Where does that leave the individual who is going to become the first Billion Dollar Man Barack Obama. Skillfully hiding the fact that he is bought and paid for. Please don’t bother telling me about those $10 contributions on

Insignificant. It’s all those very big checks that count. Nobody gets invited to meet with Obama for making a $10 donation or even more to the point gets “special” attention for their “concerns” within The White House and Federal agencies.

All Obama is doing is confirming yet again he is like all the others. All the rest is window dressing to keep us chanting FIRED UP READY TO GO (no where). The very Dirty Little Secret. Obama has absolutely no need to raise a BILLION dollars to be re-elected.

If fact if he announced publicly he is committed to public funding of elections and that he will accept public funding for his campaign he would gain mightily. While creating a very big problem for whoever turns out to be his weak Republican opponent next year.

If they were forced to accept public funding or look bad when Obama does there is no way they can compete against a current President only having as much money as him to spend. Or if they refuse public funding they have two other problems. They look bad taking all those big checks and they also have the problem of raising huge sums privately rather than focusing on the campaign.

So it should have been a very easy decision for Obama to accept public funding this time. Add the fact he keeps saying how much he is opposed to the power of money in politics. So why does Obama continue to travel with Hypocrisy as his constant companion. Because …..

Barack Obama is not who he wants us to believe he is. The last thing he is is the Change Master he conned us into believing he was back in 2007 and 2008. Barack Obama is your very standard issue vaguely liberal Democratic President of the United States all the others have been. Oh and yes he loves bering President. A whole lot. Likewise Michelle. Grandma and the kids too.

And now he is going to spend a BILLION dollars to con is otherwise because he is right on one issue it is going to be far more expensive for him to do so this time than in his first election. Now that we know the Truth or should

So if you have $50,000 lying around you too can have not just change but big dollars you can believe in as the Obama Administration provides your company and your industry and your privileged wealth all the attention you can afford.

Back on Air Force One it’s BUSINESS as usual!

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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