Rebels step up attacks on Colombia energy targets

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FILE - In this Monday, Aug. 13, 2012 file photo, members of the Colombian rebel group National Liberation Army, or ELN, escort Gina Paola Uribe Villamizar, 32, second from left, and Elida Parra Alfonso, 33, right, during their released in Fortul, northeast of Bogota, Colombia. The women, who work for the Bicentennial Pipeline of Colombia, were kidnapped by members of ELN on July 25 in Saravena, some 365 km north of Bogota, Colombia. Rebel sabotage of Colombia’s energy infrastructure has been on the upswing for about two years - a sign to some that the guerrillas have grown desperate as their armed strength has waned. (AP Photo/Efrain Patino, File)The port town of Tumaco on Colombia's Pacific coast went dark for more than a week in early August after guerrillas toppled three electricity towers in the remote area.