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Damages as seen on one of the outlying islands from Hurricane Joaquin.
Relief efforts underway in the Bahamas.

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Mon. Oct. 5, 2015: With The Bahamas given an all clear signal as Hurricane Joaquin finally moved away from the islands, the focus now has turned to relief assistance for residents of the outlying islands including Acklins, Crooked Island and Mayaguana. Here are some fast facts:

1: The West Indies Guard Ship departed Kingston, Jamaica on October 3, 2015 to deliver 14,000 pounds of cereal products and 85 cases of pasta; 1,260 cans of canned meat and vegetables; 3.000 bottles of water; 200 cases of tarpaulins and 102 blankets thanks to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management’s efforts.

US organization USAID has also already pitched in food, water, bedding and other necessities that have been delivered to those islands as well.
No reports of fatalities have been reported but diminishing food, water and other supplies due to interference of routine mail boat services were reported.

2: The Department of Public Health of the Bahamas also reported it was engaged in airlifting of an individual who are bed ridden, suffers from uncontrolled diabetic with dehydration, pneumonia, and infected ulcer out of Lower Bogue, Eleuthera Island. Four persons stranded in Crooked Island with limited amount of insulin were also treated.

3: On Rum Cay there were reports of severe flooding, downed trees, impassable roads, downed power lines and poles, full power outage. The government dock is reportedly destroyed and the aiirport flooded.

On Acklins Island, there is significant flooding in Delectable Bay, Snug Corner in the North and Mason’s Bay. Five houses were destroyed in Mason’s Bay and four in Snug Corner.

On Crooked Island and Long Cay there was an indication revealed roof leaks in Government Clinic while Long Island suffered power outage due to downed lines; flooding of private fresh water wells; structural damages to homes; extreme flooding of approximately 4 feet of water in the northern part of the island. Flooding throughout the island of San Salvador was reported with downed power lines and poles; roads impassable.

Mayaguana suffered minor damages to home structures while Exuma saw downed power lines down and extreme flooding.

4: The National Emergency Management Agency of the Bahamas has indicated a need for Food, Water, Emergency shelter, Aerial Reconnaissance, Damage Assessment support in the South and Central Islands of the Bahamas, Electricity Restoration and Water and Sewerage restoration.

Meanwhile, early Sunday, Prime Minister Perry Christie pledged that no resources would be spared in the aftermath of the storm in restoring the islands ravaged by the hurricane despite the infrastructural cost being “extraordinary” and running to millions of dollars.

Christie said the challenge for the government was to move immediately to help the affected islands. The prime minister also dismissed rumors of 30 deaths from the storm, stating that they are “absolutely not true.” He said he had been told by the police commissioner that one elderly man was confirmed dead but it was not connected to the hurricane.

5: Bermuda
A hurricane warning was last night in place for Bermuda as Joaquin continued to produce tropical storm conditions there while passing just west-northwest of the island.


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