Remaking America Without Obama

Increasingly Distorted American Dream!
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Increasingly Distorted American Dream!
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 17, 2012: Sure it’s a surprise to me. It’s a surprise to everyone.

Just how much the Republicans look like LOSERS this year. It seems contrary to logic or the best interest of most of us the Republicans were their way to even more gains in Congress and likely to capture the Presidency.


What we are witnessing is the unraveling of a party controlled by a fringe element that fewer and fewer Americans identify themselves. Whether it is going to be Romney, or Santorum or Gingrich or someone else whoever they nominate for President is going to fall FLAT except in the most Right Wing states. It looks like a pretty easy victory for the Democratic candidate. Right now anyway.
As for Congress widespread worries the Republicans would not only keep control of the House but take the Senate too seems to be receding more every day. It even seems possible Democrats could narrowly win back the House just don’t bet on it yet.

LOGICALLY this might lead you to believe Obama specifically and Democrats generally are impressing the heck out of most Americans.

WRONG again.

To repeat this has nothing to do with Democrats and everything to do with Republican flaws that are being exposed far more than anyone would have expected. They over played their hand and with their ranting and raving overall spending except military spending of course. The Right Wing will only be happy when the entire Federal budget goes to the military. An exaggeration?

Even more their fixation on opposition to gay marriage as an important national issue, their extreme view of the rights of the unborn, their hatred of immigrants, their bizarre attacks on Barack Obama’s citizenship, and yes their hypocrisy all over the place. All of it fueled even more by their RIDICULOUS Presidential candidates is all adding up to disaster for Republicans this year.

Is all this Republican free fall going to happen? Not absolutely, but it looks that way and time to factor it in seriously.

So what are all the rest of us going to do with this good news? With the fact this could be the TRANSFORMATIONAL election 2008 should have been but was not. Instead re-elect the same Con Man who conned us in 2008 the one and only Barack Obama.

What a waste of Potential.

Middle of the Road Obama who is anything but the left wing radical the fading Republicans accuse him of being. One more reason they are fading. Labeling Obama with an unbelievable tag line.
We are witnessing yet again why America is not improving for the 99% of us because we keep electing and re-electing charlatans who bamboozle us into thinking they are something they are not and who sadly look good compared to the pathetic Republican who is the alternative so be it to Bill Clinton or Barack Obama we get nothing.

If our only test for an incumbent President is are you worse of than 4 years ago and if you are made to believe you aren’t the result is 4 more years. It happens again and again.

It amounts to deterioration by a thousand little cuts. Obama announces miniscule proposal after proposal day after day that give the impression they will have significant impact on income distribution, taxation, e, regulation, education, environment and on and on when in truth they are all no big deal at all. Individually or collectively.

The quality of life continues to slide for more and more Americans. The rich keep getting richer. Americans image keeps deteriorating. The govt remains inefficient and ineffective to our real needs. Education stays a mess. There are no big improvements in the environment, etc, etc.

It amounts to trying to sell the status quo as enlightened leadership and as change in this case with the huge amount of money Obama is raising from the rich and powerful to buy protection for themselves. The rest of us get more of the same too.

Except it has very different “appeal” for the 99% of us who do not benefit at all from more of the same.

So I wage this lonely battle week after week that the very best for all of us is to dumb Obama that he has not earned a second term. Indeed he did not earn a first term with his Con Game on us.
We have another golden opportunity this year to present a REAL Change Master as the Democratic candidate who can beat the Republican handily by appealing to the true interests of the American people for a fair society slipping further away every day.

An America where more and more of us are not marginalized with no real hope of a better life for ourselves or our children is happening now. Our chance to STOP this slide into an elitist country in which the richest most powerful capture more and more of our national wealth and live lives ever more removed from the rest of us. In other words, a prescription for disaster ahead for most of us.

There is no happy ending if current trends are not reversed. We will slide further and further into the abyss of cynicism and discouragement as we watch the complete dismantling of the American Dream as much as it might always have been nothing more than a dream it was a dream the vast majority of us believed.

Once most of us stop believing and only see a nightmare as we gaze into the future then we are witnessing a nation in permanent decline with ever more social disruption. Increased militarization of our homeland, family life in disarray, hopelessness everywhere increasing.

Who wants that America? Not even the greedy rich. Except their greed is blinding them to the reality so far.

Another four years of Barack Obama is the last thing we need. Are we really going to squander the Republican disarray to do nothing more than give Barack and Michelle four more years of the Very Good Life in The White House at our expense before they cash in even bigger in four more years becoming the first former First Couple to become Billionaires for all their “good work” (sic) on behalf of the 1%. Not at all for the rest of us?
Come on America we can do better! I hope?

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. USA, LLC