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News Americas, LONDON, England, Fri. Sept. 22, 2023: Richard Madeley, the host of Good Morning Britain (GMB), is facing widespread criticism for his handling of Guyana President Irfaan Ali during a recent interview. Ali appeared on the show ahead of his address to the UN General Assembly, where he intended to discuss the issue of reparations for slavery, arguing that the UK still benefits from its historical involvement.

However, during the interview, Madeley’s demeanor took an increasingly contentious turn. He seemed to grow frustrated with Ali’s suggestion that the British royal family should consider offering reparations to contemporary generations. Madeley questioned why someone today should bear the responsibility for actions committed by their ancestors. In response, Ali firmly stated that individuals like Madeley continue to benefit from the historical slave trade’s greatest indignity to humanity.

As the conversation progressed, Madeley made a dramatic gesture by slamming his hand on the desk while laughing at Ali’s response. This action and his overall behavior during the interview sparked outrage among viewers and public figures alike. Some have described Madeley’s conduct as “arrogant,” “ignorant,” and “disrespectful.”

The incident has gained significant attention on social media, with many expressing their disapproval of Madeley’s approach. Madeley’s representatives and ITV have so far not commented on the matter.

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