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Dr Hubert Minnis is sworn in as the fourth Prime Minister Of The Bahamas by Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling at Government House on May 12, 2017. (Photo Credit: BIS/Letisha Henderson)


By NAN Correspondent

News Americas, NASSAU, Bahamas, Mon. May 14, 2017: The fourth prime minister of the islands of The Bahamas, Dr. Hubert ‘Doc’ Minnis, was sworn in Friday after a landslide win swept his Free National Movement (FNM) into office with 35 seats compared to the Perry Christie-led Progressive Liberal Party (PLP)’s 4. Here are 7 things he’s promising to deliver for the people of The Bahamas.

1: He promised in his remarks to chart a new course in the country in a brief maiden speech at Government House.

2: Dr. Minnis has promised “an unwavering commitment to good governance, the rule of law, transparency and accountability.”

3: PM Minnis said that his immediate priority would be to restore hope and prosperity to the troubled economy. “We have much work to do putting the financial and economic affairs of our country in order,” he said.

4: He has promised to work hard to combat crime and violence. “We have much work to do bringing social improvement and saving our young people who are at risk,” he added.

5: PM Minnis has promised infrastructural development in New Providence and the Family Islands.

6: New PM Minnis has promised Bahamians there would be no victimization under his administration, describing that practice as “unconstitutional and immoral.” “It’s the people’s time. I thank all Bahamians who did their duty as citizens and voted in this election, including those who did not vote for us,” he said. “It is the people who give validity and vitality to our parliamentary democracy. It is the people who give life and meaning to the words of our Constitution and our laws. I promise you, we promise you, that we will govern for all Bahamians: those who voted for us, those who did not vote for us, and especially those who were unable to vote.” He has promised that he would lead a people-centred government.

7: Minnis also pledged “an unwavering commitment of congeniality, collaborative and collective responsibility.”

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