Shakira’s Bahamas Lawsuit

News Americas, NASSAU, Bahamas, Fri. Aug. 16, 2013: Colombian-born singer Shakira has slapped a lawsuit on her ex in the Bahamas.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll filed the complaint against Antonio de la Rua for allegedly taking nearly $6.7 million without her consent.

The lawsuit was filed in October 2012 but its content was not made public until this Tuesday, according to Efe.

Shakira and her companies, Carpe Diem and Light Productions, are suing De la Rua, son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, for the amount he supposedly took, plus interest, court costs and compensation.

Shakira accuses her ex-partner and ex-representative of making off with a $2-million bond plus another fund valued at $958,476 and a credit-card debt of $363,910.

She also demands the return of $500,000 that, according to the lawsuit, were transferred from Carpe Diem accounts without the singer’s consent to the Bonds Cay real estate project in the Bahamas, of which Shakira was never a partner.