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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Nov. 5, 2020: Starting a new business is both exciting and scary. What if it doesn’t take off? Have you budgeted enough? Many factors determine whether or not a new business will be successful, and there are just as many that determine whether it will be unsuccessful. Of course, a few mistakes are to be expected, but knowing what to avoid will help your business thrive early on. Here are some of the ways many companies go wrong with their start-ups:

Thinking They Can Do Everything Themselves

Most businesses aren’t filled with employees straight away. It takes time to build up a reliable team, but that doesn’t mean you should take everything on. It’s good to admit early on that you need other people’s expertise. If your budget doesn’t allow for full-time staff to start with, consider outsourcing some areas so you are not too overwhelmed. Doing everything yourself isn’t as cost-effective as you might think – the time you spend doing the basic tasks could be spent increasing your profits!

Hiring Too Soon

Of course, letting the jobs that don’t fall under your expertise go to others doesn’t mean you should hire too many too quickly. When you’re starting, you can’t determine exactly what your profits will be. Even if you have a great couple of months, that doesn’t mean it will continue. Wait to hire your team until you have a steady flow of profits and you’re ready to expand your business.

Ignoring the Risk of Cyber-Hacking

Ignoring wise investments isn’t the way to start a business, especially when its focus is on the safety of your sensitive data. Prioritize protecting your business from cyber-hacking by investing in VPNs and software protection. It might not seem like a big deal at the beginning, but if you get hacked and lose a sum of your profits, you will wish you’d thought of it sooner. Proofpoint can provide you with peace of mind by securing your online applications with CASB. If you store a lot of your business’s data on the cloud, then this will help keep that protected.

Not Budgeting Correctly

Budgeting should be part of everyone’s business plan, but it’s not enough to spend an hour on it and then push it to the side. Creating a sensible budget involves time and taking into account any expenses you hadn’t thought of. There’s always something that will pop up, and it’s better to be prepared! Likewise, over-budgeting can be just as damaging, as you might never get off the ground if you keep your money too close to your chest.

Relying On Passion

Don’t take this the wrong way – passion is crucial! Whether you’re starting a hairdressing business, a sports magazine, or a clothing company, it’s essential to be passionate about the area. Over time, however, that passion can diminish. This is normal! Don’t rely on your passion to get you through the hard days, instead, commit yourself to hard work and dedication. Not everyone can run a successful business, but those that do are persistent and committed.

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