Solyndra, Obama’s Watergate

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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Oct. 10, 2011: At first it seemed like nothing for Obama to worry about.

That may be changing. The dots are beginning to connect concerning the $535 Million U.S. govt. loan to the now bankrupt and closed California-based company solar panel maker Solyndra.

The question is, could this be the final piece that completely unravels the Obama Presidency and has him “voluntarily” heading for The White House exit door; forsaking his re-election campaign? Maybe no, Maybe YES.

The prayers of some of us that President Obama see the logic in standing aside in 2012 may be about to get a boost from the sun if I may turn to metaphor. This sun may not shine bright for Obama.

There is one basic fact in the collapse of the company Solyndra. The company’s top investor was A Big Time Obama supporter who raised lots of cash for his 2008 Presidential campaign. With that as a starting point, Serious Questions are automatically raised.

Keep in mind we are discussing $535 Million – if you prefer ½ BILLION $$ + of U.S. tax payer money that has been completely wasted – obliterated if you prefer – with the demise of Solyndra.

The definition of WATERGATE I am using is not an offense for which a President will be impeached. My definition is broader but just as logical an act of the Presidency that effectively ends that Presidency by undermining its legitimacy.

The problem for Obama with the Solyndra Congressional probes gearing up and the media scrutiny is that Obama’s one remaining be it damaged asset is his personal credibility his seeming personal integrity and that he is not just another Washington politician (although those endless $38,500 a seat Obama campaign dinners aren’t an asset for his integrity either).

This is why Solyndra is potentially so damaging even fatally so. If as the evidence seems to be mounting, The White House itself pushed hard for this Federal loan for Solyndra from the U.S. Energy Dept. even as serious doubts were raised about the company’s viability proven in spades by its complete collapse.

We are already at a point where it will be difficult for the Obama White House to disprove they were willing to “give away” $535 MILLION of our money because this company had favored status in the Obama White House because a key investor was A Big Time Obama fund raiser for his 2008 campaign.

It is not necessary for anyone to uncover an Oval Office meeting in which President Obama orders the Energy Dept. to approve this very flawed LARGE loan. He isn’t that stupid. Let me go so far as to say it is virtually certain no such meeting took place nor did Obama make a comparable phone call to Energy Dept. officials.

The pivotal real questions for Obama are three ….

1) Was Obama aware that this company Solyndra was applying for a huge loan from the government?
2) Did anyone in The White House lobby for that loan in the knowledge an important Obama supporter was involved?
3) Did President Obama institute any rules within his White House that would have clearly forbidden staff from lobbying govt. agencies for the benefit of one with Obama campaign involvement? The likely answers to these questions are coming into focus …

4) There can be no doubt Obama knew about the loan application based on the many visits Gorge Kaiser made to The White House to lobby for the loan whether or not he personally spoke to Obama about that loan. Also Obama’s personal familiarity with the company highlighted by his visit there in 2010.
5) Again there is no doubt from the records and comments made and emails that White House aides pressured the Energy Dept. to approve the loan.
6) Therefore of course there was NO strict guidelines issued by Obama to his staff preventing such activities. BINGO ….. check all six boxes above.

Worth repeating is the fact in 2010 President Obama visited Solyndra headquarters to promote the company. President Obama and his entire White House were very and visibly interested in Solyndra. And the essential link to this aggressive interest was and is Billionaire George Kaiser, who raised and bundled large amounts of campaign $$$$ for Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

This is just more of the funhouse non-existent campaign rhetoric kind of CHANGE Obama wants us to believe in.

Stepping in a little deeper in recent days, President Obama has said publicly that he believes this fatally flawed company Solyndra was given this huge $535 MILLION loan “on the merits.” Right Obama.

Obama went on to say, “I have confidence decisions were made based upon what’s good for the American people.”

Sure Obama. Then Obama added,” There were going to be some companies that did not work out. Solyndra was one of them.” He sure got that right.

Spell Obama’s comments T-R-O-U-B-L-E for him for what he said and for what he did not say. That some Energy Dept. staff was very opposed to the loan and that they urged that the loan process be slowed for better review. Obama’s White House would have none of it. They made it crystal clear they wanted the loan approved all $535 MILLION. It was THINK ABOUT IT. Solyndra went bankrupt within less than 2 years after receiving this massive loan and apparently all of it is gone. The government might or might not receive some crumbs back after the bankruptcy procedure is complete.

Don’t even count on that. Meaningless. What kind of a White House is this anyway?? Add blatant incompetence plus a clear lack of Integrity regarding this massive loan to a troubled company now closed and bankrupt.

We don’t need a Smoking Gun. We don’t need an impeachable offence. This is Obama’s WATERGATE moment because it completely undermines his last remaining vestige of credibility.

Obama MUST go.

I have been a lifelong Democrat and there are now legions of us who did not elect Barack Obama so some Right Wing Republican can beat him in 2012. Just as much we did not elect Barack Obama in 2008 to be the FAILED President he is to serve yet another 4 years disappointing us if he somehow were to win in 2012.

We need an orderly transition to find a brand NEW Progressive Democratic Party candidate who can effectively battle the Republicans on all fronts to run for President in 2012.

That can only happen if Obama decides not to seek a second term. After the Solyndra mess he should be willing to make that decision on his own. Don’t count on it. He and Michelle LOVE The White House and Air Force One as much as anyone ever has. Obama is only going to step aside if many more Democrats pressure him to do so. I’m doing my part. Others need to do theirs.

We need an orderly transition to an Open Democratic Presidential Primary that does not rely on the standard state by state ballots since there is no time for such a process to work fairly nor produce the best and mot popular NEW Presidential candidate for 2012.

We have to assume whether Obama decides on his own or is forced to announce he will not seek re-election, that decision will not happen until sometime in 2012. This would be an opportunity to organize a national primary in which Democrats across the nation each vote the same day for candidates – possibly even online – and that the candidate getting the most votes in total.

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.