South America’s Best Restaurants

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Compiled By NAN Lifestyle Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mar. 11, 2016: Who said you have to travel to Europe or the U.S. for the best fine dining restaurants? South American restaurants are rising in the fine dining ranks. Here are the top 5 according to TripAdvisor:

1: La Bourgogne, Argentina


Topping the list is Chef Jean Paul Bondoux’s La Bourgogne, Argentina. This restaurant bewitches you with his extremely sophisticated French cuisine in South America! Chef Bondoux opened first in the town of Punta del Este in Uruguay after moving there more than three decades ago and since then has expanded his mini-empire into Argentina and Chile. La Bourgogne, Argentina is located in the middle of an upscale shopping district in Buenos Aries. A stand out dish is the Confit lamb with garlic and parsley coulis.

2: Borago, Chile


Coming in at number of the top five list is Borago restaurant in Chile. Chilean native and Rodolfo Guzman of Boragó puts the emphasis on natural Chilean techniques in its meat, fish and shellfish dishes as well as in foraged herbs, edible flowers and wild berries, sourced from the wilds of Patagonia to the heights of the Andes. Theatre underpins the presentation with some of the favorites being small wine-soaked and lemon-coated Chilean pears are served on a bonsai tree;  bite-size morsels perch on polished wooden branches, smooth rocks and jagged stone slates. Boragó definitely offers a sumptuous ‘edge of the world’ dining experience for those seeking creative, unhurried cooking.

3: Voila Bistrot, Brazil


Located in Paraty, Brazil offers up excellent French cuisine in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It’s French chef tries his best to keep it authentic. The restaurant is small, friendly and close to the river and you will want to try the duck liver ravioli in truffle butter as well as mushroom risoto and duck breast raspberry sauce.

4: Gruta de Santo Antonio, Brazil


Located on Rua Silva Jardim  Ponta da Areia, Niteroi, in the State of Rio de Janeiro is this gem run by Mrs. Henriqueta, that offers up some of the best Portuguese food outside of Portugal. The service here is also great as are the delights like Pan Fried Cod on shiitake mushrooms & courgette was superb, cooked to perfection and very tasty. The executive plate “Gomes de Sá” is also delicious and most dishes can be shared by two.

5: Camaroes Restaurante, Brazil


Rounding out the top five is Camaroes Restaurante, located down the busy streets of Natal. Order the ceviche like chowder or the Pastel de Camarão or Grelhado das Dunas which are simply delicious. But there’s no way to make a mistake in ordering any dish which contains prawns or shrimp dishes. Portions are huge and definitely can be shared.