Talented Colombian Barber Trims Portraits Of Football Stars On Fans’ Heads

Colombia barber Mike Rivera
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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 29, 2018: A talented Colombian barber is providing World Cup fans with creative hairstyles by trimming portraits of their favorite football players on their heads.

It is not about having the same hairstyle as your favorite football star, but rather about having your idol on your head. With scissors, a razor and a little water, barber Mike Rivera sculpts the faces of football celebrities onto the back of the heads of admiring fans.

“Today I am going to do Cristiano and Falcao because they are now who we admire. They are excellent. The World Cup is in full swing. Many people say, ‘See, his hairstyle is a football player!’ They also want to have one. I feel so good. When I go down the street, people say ‘wow’ to me and I feel so happy,” said David Fuentes, a football fan in the barber’s seat.

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Like Fuentes, a lot of fans go to Rivera’s barber shop every week, looking for a different and original way to show their passion for football. Colombian footballers James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado are top choices for customers’ hairstyles.

“People want to have their favorite players on their head. Now we are watching the World Cup like crazy. Many customers come here and say ‘Give me Cuadrado, make me James.’ They are all Colombian footballers. But we also talk about Messi, Brazilian footballer Nymar and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Customers want to see their favorite world players on their heads and hear other people’s praise,” said Rivera.

Such a cool hairstyle requires nearly three hours of patience, creativity and a lot of precision.

“First, I find a picture on my phone. Then I use tools to draw the outline. And after that I start to trim the details. At first it is not noticeable, but then you see the face, the mouth, the nose. You have to know a little about drawing,” explained Rivera. (SOURCE: CCTV)


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