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Aerial view of the devastation in Dominica following successive category five hurricanes in September 2017. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

By Timil Didier Nkoli

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 13, 2017: It is with great insight and understanding I pen this article as a clarion call for Caribbean governments and Small Island Developing States to avoid the financial institutions of Bretton Woods, especially the International Monetary Fund, IMF.

Evidence based in more than 70 years of the existence of the IMF has led to no tangible progress for developing nations and simply become the albatross around the necks of their people.

In fact history is replete with success stories of countries that out rightly rejected the IMF and have since thrived – including Malaysia, Singapore, the UAE and Qatar.

It is abhorrent that many leaders do not understand finance or monetary policies and creation of money in so far as money as debt, which the IMF uses to load countries with so they can generate fiat currency which they leverage amongst themselves and their corporate malfeasance to ride high in the sky and impoverish billions.

Only evil minded individuals can construct such a financial weapon of mass deception and force small countries to Kowtow at threats of sanctions and blockade and using media and all resources available to them to deceive the gullible and frankly accomplices in small island governments.

Meanwhile, there is really is no reason ever to follow their deceptive modus operandi which is nothing more than a conspiracy of racketeers.

But it begs the question as to why this moribund institution, with its backers, are still shoved down the throat of any of our people?

Dear readers, do yourself a huge favor and read John Perkins-Economic Hitmen as well as Davidson and Rees-Mogg Sovereign Individual…a simple 3 part series of Money as Debt 1,2,3. This should give you an indication as to why this evil institution pushes debt and SAP-Structural Adjustment Programs that even animals would find cruel.

Ask yourself what is money? Whoever creates/prints money controls you and so you begin to get the idea of the remarkable evil and racketeers we are up against.

In the light of the humanitarian disasters wrought by hurricanes in the Caribbean, these institutions are no doubt going to be pushing their policies onto our people and governments.

I hope governments in this region will wise up and say no, especially since history shows us that a Marshall plan was used to rebuild Europe and Wermer Germany after World War 2 and can be used to do the same for the Caribbean.

Caribbean governments need innovative financing as the UN Secretary General just pointed out. This includes offers like the Credit Enhancement Facility being offered by entities like ICN LLC and its funding partners.

Governments affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria can raise between USD $500,000,000 to 1 USD Billion within days without the burden of years of debt repayment. These are the types of ‘innovative financing’ the region needs to look at so it can free itself from the albatross of more debt being heaped on it by institutions like the IMF.

Caribbean governments – do your due diligence and demand results! And remember – the eyes are useless when the mind is blind!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Timil Didier Nkoli is an African Diaspora economist. His opinions expressed here are his own.






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