The Future Of The Amazon Rainforest

A man flees of out of control forest fire burns the area of the Brazilian Pantanal in rural Pocone, Mato Grosso, Brazil, in the Amazon. (Photo by Gustavo Basso/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 22, 2021: The Amazon rainforest, is without a doubt, the largest rainforest in the world, stretching across nine nations on the territory of nearly six million square kilometers.

Currently, the Amazon rainforest is facing considerable challenges, most of which are linked to deforestation, fires, and climate change. According to scientists, humanity is close to reaching a tipping point. This irreversible point could lead to increased deforestation, eventually turning much of this pristine territory into a dry scrubland. So why is preserving the Amazon rainforest so crucial for humanity?

What’s Happening With Rainforest?

One of the most alarming issues facing the Amazon forests relates to the incorporation of three considerabl problems. The combination of fierce rainforest fires, artificial deforestation, and climate change, which is causing a threat to its’ consistency. In such regard, one can also remember political ignorance on all these matters. With the rise of populist rhetorics in this region, the Amazon rainforest issue is viewed somewhat sceptically.

While global environmental organizations are advocating for forest protection and measures to cope with the destruction of the tropics, the local governments show little or no contribution to this issue. These factors combined, require instant solutions focused on saving the forest from turning into drylands.

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Enormous Ecosystemic Territory

Those arguing that the Amazon rainforest should be restored solely because of its oxygen and carbon cycles are ultimately wrong. Even though it is responsible for roughly six percent of the world’s oxygen, eventually coining a title of planet’s lungs, this is not a sole factor in this debate. Since the Amazon rainforest coverage is enormous, it’s home to thousands of flora and fauna species, all threatened by fierce bushfires.

This area has a unique ecosystem consistency, whereas preserving it is a real objective for humanity. Except for considerable threats posed to animal species and plants, don’t forget about prolonged river streams. The Amazon River is the second-longest river globally, whereas its biodiversity is unique.

Wildfires and Deforestation

Even though a more structural and deeper issue regarding the Amazon rainforest relates to climate change, its consequences are visible. While reviewing the 2019 Amazon rainforest fires, one can discover that the unusually long dry season contributes to the fire intensification. Among other problems, deforestation stands out the most.

In the past, the deforestation of Amazon was mostly conducted by local populations and on a shallow scale. The situation changed dramatically in the twentieth century when the restrictions on entering this area were lifted. This event happened alongside the oil drilling facilities and intense soy farming. Now, considerable drylands can be visible from outer space, making the scale of this issue incredibly warning.

What Should Be Done

Once the Amazon rainforest issues are apparent, one can ask itself what should be done to restore this area’s virginity and biodiversity. Even though most of the immediate answers are interconnected with governmental responses, international activism, or political changes, you can start from yourself. Since education is integral in such matters, consider reading a book or sharing a lesson on a related topic. If you’re still a university student, share your thoughts among your friends to raise awareness about the Amazon rainforest issue.

In A Word

Although the worldwide community has already paid attention to the Amazon rainforest’s dreadful condition, recognizing this issue personally is reasonable. Incorporating evident challenges, such as deforestation, bushfires, and climate change, and advocating for change, is an absolute priority.