Why The Internet Is Important For Island Life – Especially Now

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. April 15, 2021: Island lifestyles can cause havoc for what many take for granted elsewhere, especially in the pandemic era. High winds, rough seas, volcanos and intense storms have all been known to cause havoc to the Internet and the ease with which you can connect to the World Wide Web when you live on an island.

It is important to understand the types of Internet connections that are available and to choose the one that suits your lifestyle, but also your location.

Most of the Caribbean is supplied with two fixed submarine cable systems providing connectivity to global and regional internet infrastructure. Internet to the 30 countries and 17 territories that make up the region is primarily supplied by fixed and mobile wireless networks.

There has been a flurry of development in this area in recent times, to provide a stable, constant Internet connection to the entire region. Fiber optics are being rolled out and the region as a whole will benefit from the large investment in this aspect of island infrastructure.

It is, however, a difficult process given the complexity of governance and the differences in financial resources among and between the countries in the region. You must do your research to ensure the provider you pick can ensure connectivity.

Why The Connection Is Vital

Keeping connected when being so distant physically is important. With travel being on the back burner at the moment, the only way families and friends have been able to link up and keep in touch has been via the internet. Using Skype or Zoom or meeting on other platforms or online games chatrooms have been essential for mental health and family stability. All this communication is mostly the result of two submarine cables.

The reason there has been such public outcry and issues around the poor state of internet connectivity is that most people use it on a daily basis, to watch the latest HBO television series or stream the cricket live. Others use it for online games and entertainment, such as at www.luckynuggetcasino.com/ca/. Island life is indeed idyllic, but it is important to be in touch and feel connected with the outside world. In modern times the only way this is going to happen is via the Internet.

It is important to ensure that you have the right Internet provider. In the Caribbean this can be quite complicated given the aforementioned recent developments, but also that each government wants some form of control over internet provision and as such there have been delays and what results is sporadic coverage. This has in turn provided opportunities for unscrupulous service providers who offer services that cannot be provided, based on the news of high-quality fiber optics and improved connectivity.

You must know who the licensed providers are in your area or on your island. And as the new high speed fiber optic network takes shape you must know what is available through these suppliers before you can make an informed choice.

Being connected in the modern age is a given. The global spread of the Internet provides opportunities for all. However, accessing this wherever you are in the Caribbean can be a tricky ask. Do your homework and ensure that you know how to get and stay connected.