The Vacation Mecca – Bite Into The Heart Of Orlando

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By Alexandra Jacobs

News Americas, ORLANDO, FL, Fri. May 4, 2012: Springtime is the best time of the year to do whatever comes to mind. It is where the birds sing to flowers and flowers dance with the wind. It is when visiting Orlando becomes the smartest decision ever to make. Springtime in this cosmopolitan city, opens the way for you and your family to explore everything Orlando has to offer, starting with Disney World:

The Wonders Of Disney World

Disney World is the playground for children, of course. Are adults left out–no way! This playground is the stomping grounds for everyone. It is the one resort that is broken into different dimensions, which lead into mini worlds: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Unquestionably, all four mini worlds (theme parks) ensure a unique experience for every visitor every time. They do this by providing an endless line of live shows, parades, events and formidable, mind-blowing rides while connecting to Orlando’s renowned hotels, beaches and goodies for 100 percent adult fun:

Orlando’s Endless Barrage Of Goodies

Starting with the nightlife scene, Orlando’s streets are loaded with clubs that boast nonstop heart-pounding action. Downtown Orlando and CityWalk are the two hotspots where some of the hottest clubs are, namely The Tabu NightClub, Roxy Orlando, Antigua Orlando, Club 23 Orlando and Club Firestone. There is a lot more, but there is no need to mention them all, considering that the few that is listed is enough to get the point across. The nightlife scene is upscale and subdued at the same time, meaning that it is for everybody of different temperaments, styles and tastes.

The Independent Bar took the upscale-subdued description and turned it into everything it is about, literally–it really did! This is why this nightclub half bar is among Orlando’s greatest spots. Anything is possible! On its bar end, there are three distinguished bars open to visitors. Each of them boasts state-of-the-art sound, a unique style and two dance floors while offering second-to-none live performances of bands, performing different genres of music.

Beaches Galore

Like Orlando’s nightlife scene, Orlando’s beaches are extravagant and full of life. Whether swimming alongside the endless marine life or tending to own business, lounging on shore, grasping what Orlando’s beaches are all about is inevitable. The best-loved beaches to visit are the Cocoa Beach, Blizzard Beach, Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. The turquoise waters, combined with crushing waves, turn these beaches and every other beach in Orlando into gentle monsters that know how to add a lot of oomph into any vacation:

Vacation Types & Eating Orlando’s Finest Entrees

Orlando is the mecca that accommodates family trips, couple retreats and solitary getaways, so booking a destination elsewhere is incredibly pointless. Orlando is also the mecca of stunning living quarters, such as Hamptons style Houses, and fine grub. Among the most renowned restaurants to visit are Victoria’s & Albert’s, Chatham’s Place, Jiko-The Cooking Place, TooJay’s-Dr. Phillips Blvd. and Earl Of Sandwich. Visiting any one of these restaurants is a tasteful way to bite into the heart of Orlando without exceeding budget limits. An Orlando vacation for any duration will not be costly in any way thanks to Orlando’s countless great deals. USA, LLC