The young, business-savvy pretender to Brazil’s throne

Christmas in August

File picture of Governor of Pernambuco state, Eduardo Campo speaking during a press conference of his opposition Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) in BrasiliaBy Jeferson Ribeiro and Brian Winter RECIFE/BRASILIA (Reuters) – To some Brazilians, especially in the business world, Eduardo Campos has all the traits of a perfect president. Handsome, young, and the grandson of a beloved politician. Leftist enough to appeal to Brazil's poor masses, but eager to please big business and convinced of the merits of free trade. Critical of President Dilma Rousseff's heavy hand in the economy, but promising no huge changes in policy. Yet therein lies Campos' main problem, his critics say – he's trying to appeal to everyone, and so appealing to very few. … USA, LLC OnDeck