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cocaine-use-in-the-americasNews Americas, MIAMI, FL, Mon. Oct. 23, 2017: Seven countries in the Americas – Latin America and the Caribbean – are listed among the top 20 cocaine using nations in the world.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime recently mapped the world’s top cocaine.

The 7 biggest cocaine consuming countries in the Americas are:

1: The United States – with 2.3 percent of the population using the drug.

2: Uruguay – with 1.8 percent cocaine users.

3: Chile – with 1.73 percent of the population using cocaine.

4: Canada – with 1.46 percent cocaine users.

5: Aruba – with 1.3 percent cocaine users.

6: Bermuda – with 1.3 percent cocaine users.

7: Costa Rica – with 1.06 percent cocaine users.

The information was gathered through looking at people between the ages of fifteen to sixty-four – from among the general population of a country – before calculating the percentage.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is doing a new ITV documentary series on cocaine which examines the disturbingly high use of cocaine within the hospitality.

He was apparently inspired after the tragic death of one of his Chelsea based restaurant chefs.

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