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tinley-collective-caribbean-rum-and-ganjaBy NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 3, 2017: While Caribbean governments have been slow and downright skittish to decriminalize marijuana in the region, a Canadian-owned company is looking to profit by combining two of the region’s best known products – rum and ganja.

The Tinley Collective has created the Dark Rum Extract, a blend of Caribbean spices with dark rum extract infused with marijuana. It is recommended users sip on the rocks or with soda, orange juice, black tea, lime or Tinley’s Amaretto.

The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. of Ontario, says the company was founded based on the belief that medicating should be done with products that are healthy, delicious and in harmony with mainstream lifestyles.

Other products in the Collective include Cinnamon Whisky and Amaretto extract-based varieties, as well as a single-serve Margarita cocktail.

The products are currently only available largely California residents and those who hold a valid California medical cannabis recommendation by membership to the Tinley’s medical cannabis collective.

Membership is free and valid for as long as you hold a valid medical recommendation but contributions are required to cover the costs of any products you consume.

Tinley says it is now working to setup home delivery for any member who is unable to visit our members or partnering dispensaries.

The company says it is also accepting recommendations from any licensed California physician, including those who perform evaluations online and via telemedicine.

“Opening this collective represents a significant milestone for the company and a critical component of our ability to offer cannabis-infused products via California’s extensive medical cannabis system. We will update our patients as our products become available,” said Jeff Maser, CEO of Tinley.

Check put the Tinley collection here.

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