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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Fri. Aug 27, 2021 (Reuters) – Prosecutors in one Latin American nation has charged the president with allegedly breaking a mandatory quarantine in the midst of a COVID-19 lockdown.

Argentine prosecutors have charged President Alberto Fernandez with allegedly breaking a mandatory quarantine, local media reported on Thursday, when he and his partner hosted a birthday party last year with friends.

Dailies Clarin and La Nacion reported the news, citing prosecutors, who did not immediately respond to a comment request from Reuters.

The case against Fernandez has grabbed headlines in past weeks as Argentina imposed stricter lockdowns than most countries to deal with the pandemic. In July of last year, Fernandez himself had banned all social gatherings before hosting one for the birthday of Fabiola Yanez, his partner.

Earlier on Thursday, Fernandez participated in a hearing in the case and offered to pay a fine to settle the case.

Opposition lawmakers have tried to start a political trial against Fernandez due to the party, although they have a slim chance of succeeding because most lawmakers are aligned with the government party.

(Reporting by Nicolas Misculin in Buenos Aires; Editing by Michael Perry)

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