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Jamaica weed tours. (Hot Box Bud image)

By NAN Travel Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 4, 2017: Say ganja and there is no doubt that Jamaica will pop into the mix somewhere. But how exactly do you get to the herb when taking a trip to the island without knowing a guy who knows a guy?

Along comes Hot Box Bud & Breakfast Jamaica, which now offers you the opportunity to tour – still illegally – ganja farms, while getting a chance to smoke some bud. Here are three tours you may want to know:

1: The Local Ganja Farm Tour

For US $125 per person, you can ride through some of Jamaica’s mountain ranges to the centre of the island and into hidden farms where the herb is planted. On this tour, according to Hot Box, you will learn how weed is grown and what makes Jamaican cannabis unique. You will also get a practical lesson in rolling a joint. This tour includes lunch, transportation to get there and of course – weed!

2: The Nine Mile Bob Marley Farm Tour

For US $200, you can do the Nine Mile Bob Marley tour. The small village of Nine Mile is the birthplace and final resting place of reggae legend Bob Marley, who loved his weed. Your tour includes lunch, the Nine Mile entry, transportation and a ganja farm tour guided by a Marley relative. Tourist can sample such strains as “purple kush” and “pineapple skunk.”

3: Orange Hill

A company called Jamaica Max claims to be able to organize marijuana tours in the Negril area or the ‘Orange Hill tour.’ This is where you will be introduced to Blueberry Skunk and The Red Devil among other strains. A tour of a ganja farm with this company generally costs about US $50.00 and there is also the option to get small bags of weed to take away from US $40 and up. Orange Hill is billed as the place to find the finest herb to smoke weed in Jamaica. Tourists, however, have to first smoke a “spliff” in front of their guide to prove that they are not cops.



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