News Americas, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Fri. Nov. 4, 2011: Top Guyana-born surgeon, Dr. Dalgleish Joseph, is among our hundred and fifty-nine candidates put forward by the new Guyana coalition party, A.P.N.U.

Joseph, a former PNC member of Parliament, is on the slate of candidates approved by GECOM which is participating in regional elections; Geographical Constituency Elections and the national election. Joseph is also director of the University of Guyana Medical School. He was appointed to the post last year.

Other new faces on the APNU list include, outstanding indigenous leader from Surama, North Rupununi, Sydney Allicock, who recently won the prestigious Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence for his public and civil contributions, his commitment to sustainable development and the livelihood of hinterland residents; Businessmen, Charles Ceres; S.A.V. Paul, Ali Majeed Mazarool, Ronald Bulkan and Morris Wilson; University professors, Dr. David Hinds and Rishi Thakur Srithackoor; Agriculturalists, Dr. Kenneth Sealey and Dr. Vernon Mc Pherson; Accountants, Junior Garett and Jaipaul Sharma; Attorneys-at-Law Michael Summersaul, Joseph Harmon and Trenton Lake. Women on the Lists include: Journalist, Nicole Telford; Dr. Karen Cummings; Management Consultant, Sandra Jones; Lecturer, Gentian Ann Miller and Gem Ann Roberts. Among the many young people included in the List are: Administrator, Annette Ferguson; Lecturer, Tabitha Sarabo; Youth leader, Christopher Jones; TV Journalist, Malika Ramsey; Technician, Ganesh Mahipaul; Manager, Gulab Bulkan; Attorney-at-Law, James Bond; Youth leaders, Mimi Fernandes, Nickola Dalrymple, Shondel Hope, Belinda Harris and Mark Walkes.

Election in Guyana is set for Nov. 28th and campaigning is heating up. Tonight, Friday 4th November 2011, Presidential Candidate, David Granger, will visit five communities in Sub-Region 1 of Region #8, while on Saturday 5th November 2011, the first A.P.N.U Rally will be held on the Buxton Tarmac starting at 6:30 p.m.

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