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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. March 6, 2020: *As reported in the Wall Street Journal of March 4, 2015: “Overall, Mr. Bloomberg, who is worth $62 billion, spent at least $620 million to build a massive campaign operation of more than 2,400 people across the country and to blanket the airwaves and digital platforms.”

No one can ever say Mike Blomberg did not win any primary contests!
Here are the results NO one else is reporting from American Samoa on Tuesday. You certainly did not see this on CNN …Bloomberg 175 votes, Gabbard 103 votes; then all the losers, Sanders 37 votes, Biden 31 votes, Warren 5 votes, Buttigieg, Klobuchar NO votes! No wonder these 2 quit.

Bloomberg won just under 50% of the vote and he NEVER visited there. So those who are complaining Bloomberg got nothing for the $620 MILLION he spent before dropping out on Wednesday are just kidding themselves.
In fact, had Bloomberg concentrated on how well he did in American Samoa, he would have stayed in the race rather than be humiliated by quitting. Contrast the other big winner on American Samoa – BRAVE Tulsi Gabbard – who has no money and almost no organization but Tulsi is NOT dropping out.

Tulsi is a FIGHTER she has the RIGHT stuff. If she had $620 MILLION we would all be soon praising our first woman President Tulsi Gabbard! Army Second Lieutenant Tulsi Gabbard is a REAL combat veteran, unlike the fraudster Pete Buttigieg, who received NO votes in American Samoa. And Second Lieutenant Tulsi Gabbard remains a member of the National Guard.
Note Trump’s America is not taking a position on the Democratic nomination but my readers could do a lot worse than to enthusiastically throw your support to Tulsi. She has the potential to do what Biden just did. Mark my words! Let’s see what happens between now and Milwaukee.

There are only 3 left Biden, Sanders, and TULSI GABBARD. One woman and two men still in the race – let the games begin! I should mention Congress Member Gabbard of Hawaii now; but Tulsi was born on American Samoa.
So, where do we go from here minus a Tulsi Gabbard miracle surge?
We are headed NO where good for sure.

If Donald Trump does not come up with a way to CANCEL the election because of the corona virus, GUARANTEED he is trying hard but should fail, then come January 20, 2021 it will be President Joseph Biden. No wonder the Democrats in Congress just gleefully agreed to give Trump $8.3 BILLION – what Bloomberg calls pocket change – to fight coronavirus to INSURE Joe Biden stays healthy so he can beat Trump in November.

Yes, better than the alternative or the corona virus, but just barely. It will be back to the future for America – the Status Quo reigns and nothing changes
President Donald Trump is like a dangerous political virus and anything that can protect us from the Trump VIRUS is good. Sadly, the “vaccine” that will very likely win out is the weakest possible – the Biden vaccine – which offers so little protection for most Americans; it is almost worthless.As for the Biden Presidency, its official name will be Obama-Biden Term 3, which is very bad news for the rest of us. Obama, with Biden at his side, FAILED at everything except promoting themselves and protecting the Status Quo. CHANGE was a very dirty word in the Obama Biden Administration.

It took something so, so extraordinarily ridiculous as the election of Donald Trump to make the Obama & Biden years look good, and now the ultimate irony is that Trump as President is the only reason Biden will be elected President.

IS THERE ANY HOPE AT ALL for something better? Short of the Tuli Gabbard Miracle, which we should all pray for, we have all won one important victory.

NO Michael Bloomberg Presidency. That is good for all of us and America. Bloomberg, a sanctimonious Air Bag was the biggest existential threat to our nation and its future.

If he had bought this election single handedly and set the stage for others to do the same after him, he would have been a bigger threat than Trump – destroying what is left of our democracy. Trump at least won an election.
Elizabeth Warren deserves a BIG SHOUT OUT from everyone for bringing DOWN Bloomberg in the recent debates, which sealed his dismal fate ….

Which brings us to Elizabeth Warren and her place going forward in this Presidential campaign. Warren is a gutsy warrior who deserves better than her results so far, including the embarrassing loss of her own state Tuesday.
NOW SOME INSIDER STUFF for my readers – here is how we “make sausage” in journalism. Just as I was doing a final edit on this week’s episode this BREAKS – Elizabeth Warren ENDS Presidential bid which makes …

My next 3 paragraphs just became irrelevant! Here they are…

DELETE …. Warren should STAY in the race the only woman on the stage with Biden and Sander in upcoming debates since they will not allow Tulsi Gabbard to share the stage but should. Two women and two men vying or the nomination. The ONLY four still standing ALL deserve to be on the stage.

DELETE …Since it would only be Elizabeth Warren, we need her on that stage. She could well emerge from upcoming debates that feature Biden, Sanders and Warren with Warren strengthening her position and winning more delegates potentially doing very well in debates with just these two.

DELETE …The problem for Warren is her very poor showing so far. Can she afford to stay in the race and does she have the mental stamina to do so in such a weak position? I hope so and so should you.

No doubt no matter what they say, both Biden and Sanders surely used their surrogates to pressure Elizabeth Warren to get out of the race and for the reasons I am explaining to you.

The Status Quo so-called Democratic Party leaders feared Warren as much as they do Sanders. Their positions are very much alike, and they are both enemies of the Status Quo – not Joe Biden.

Correction, they fear Warren more because a very big flaw Bernie Sanders has, which he could have easily corrected long ago but adamantly refuses to do, is register as a Democrat. Elizabeth Warren is a very REAL Democrat.

The choice between Biden and Sanders for Warren, now she has left the campaign, should be beyond dispute or any doubt Sanders. If not, Warren is a complete FRAUD worthy of being condemned for the rest of her life.
After all l the positions she has taken, there should be no way on Earth for her to endorse the Status Quo champion Joe Biden, which would be devastating to any chance Bernie Sanders still has.

If she does endorse Sanders, that would be a big boost no matter her delegate count. I FEAR the real possibility – that Warren will endorse Biden to get her share of crumbs off the table and to stop Sanders if she cannot be President.

That’s enough for this week of choice nuggets for you to enjoy. Lots more next week as I dig deeper into Biden and Sanders.

Sorry I don’t have much time for Trump these days; he is just a side show.
He is very lucky I still use his name in Trump’s America every episode
That will not END until January 20, 2021. When he is EX-President Trump.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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