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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 30, 2020: DISCLAIMER …. If NYS was a battleground state, I would be forced to vote for Joe Biden to defeat Trump. But there is not one in 100 TRILLION chances that Trump will ever win NYS, so I am free not to WASTE my vote.

I have thought long and hard about what is the best I can do with my precious vote for President on Election Day and I have no doubt I made the BEST choice.

So, I will do so and offer my very symbolic endorsement for President of the United States in this episode on the cusp of Election Day and ….

Vote for and endorse here the American who most deserved to be President, but very sadly never was, primarily for his anti-Slavery position! I will have the privilege and honor to be the first and only voter in history to cast their vote for …….. ALEXANDER HAMILTON!

I am so proud of what I did I have enclosed my ballot!

A Vote for Alexander Hamilton for President in 2020.

Joe Biden said at a recent rally: “It is our solemn obligation to vote.” I agree Joe, but it is not our obligation to vote for either you or Trump. Write in voting plays an important symbolic role in our election process.

It proclaims we are FREE to vote for anyone we want, NOT only the official candidates placed on the ballot by powerful political parties. The fact that in all of American history only a small handful of individuals have ever won any elected office as write in candidates is not the point. Choice is!

The most obvious reason to write in a candidate is as a protest vote. That is not what I am doing, at least not in the traditional sense. Rather, in voting for Alexander Hamilton, I have the honor of being the only individual in all of American history who has done so (unless you have proof to the contrary).

I consider it factual to state Alexander Hamilton is the greatest American who was NEVER President. That is more than enough reason for me to cast this symbolic vote. But there is much more. It is the reason the most brilliant Founder and America’s greatest immigrant was never President.

Yes, I know I just wrote IMMIGRANT. What some know but many do not realize, is that Alexander Hamilton absolutely could have been elected President. See Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution. It states anyone who was a citizen; ANYONE when the Constitution was ratified, was eligible to be President of the United States no matter where they were born.

Let me take this further. By the time of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1788, Alexander Hamilton was one of the most prominent and powerful individuals in America and a Revolutionary War hero too. Other than George Washington, Alexander Hamilton was very much as qualified as anyone in America, and by my standard the MOST qualified to be President.

Even more so, after being appointed the First Secretary of the Treasury by President Washington, Hamilton single handedly saved the United States from bankruptcy and collapse built the path that led to America becoming the most successful nation in all of history.

In Hamilton’s financial plans for America as Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton is responsible for the most brilliant insight in all of American history. Hamilton understood solely alone, and no one else including every other Founder and Washington himself. ONLY Hamilton understood and then acted upon the fact that the American government could be funded solely on the PROMISE of America’s potential!

Alexander Hamilton created government BONDS based on nothing but that promise of America’s potential, that were sought by buyers all over the world and in so doing Hamilton wrote one of the most famous quotes of all time …

“a national debt can be a national blessing.”

And realize this, the first Covid-19 stimulus legislation is the reflection and the realization of Alexander Hamilton’s mandate expressed in this quote. It could logically be called the Alexander Hamilton Stimulus Act. It is the manifestation of the very same logic Hamilton applied beginning in 1789.

Yes, there is always more when it comes to Alexander Hamilton …

The New Yok Stock Exchange was created in May 1792 most importantly to trade the Hamilton created United States bonds as well as trade stocks in the First Bank of the United States, likewise created by Hamilton, and the Bank of New York, co-founded by Alexander Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton was in addition, so important to President Washington, that when Washington was President, Hamilton was widely referred to as Washington’s Prime Minster, just as Hamilton had been so important to General Washington during the Revolutionary War – now  guiding legislation through Congress for Washington, advising Washington on a wide range of issues and writing many of Washington’s speeches and statements. To say the President depended on Alexander Hamilton is completely accurate.

All of this and more … Hamilton was the principal author of the Federalist Papers, Hamilton was one of the most distinguished attorneys in America, Hamilton all alone led the successful battle to approve the U.S. Constitution in New York State or there would have been NO U.S. Constitution and NO new nation.

Hamilton was a prolific writer throughout his life. Hamilton was a co-founder of the Manumission Society to END slavery in America

All of this paradoxically is why Alexander Hamilton never became President – once I add one more word to the “equation” SLAVERY. Alexander Hamilton was the most HATED person on the face of the Earth for Thomas Jefferson and the all-powerful Southern SLAVE owning plantation masters, led by none other than one of the largest slave owners in all of American history ….

Thomas Jefferson! Jefferson is one of the very largest slave “owners” in all of American history. For all of Jefferson’s BS about equality and the “rights of man,” slavery was as essential to Thomas Jefferson as life itself. There would have been NO Thomas Jefferson to remember if not for SLAVERY.

Understand also, Alexander Hamilton’s financial and economic plans for America’s future as Secretary of the Treasury included his Report on Manufacturing, which was the visionary blueprint for making the United States in the coming years, the leading industrial power on Earth as it did become.

Jefferson and his slave-owning crew did not need to be geniuses to understand this Hamilton plan would shift the power away from the agrarian planation South to the North and the new Territories. The less power the South would have would undermine Slavery itself. Hamilton had to be STOPPED.

Let me return to that clause in the U.S. Constitution that bars immigrants from ever becoming President of the United States, EXCEPT if they were resident here in the 13 former colonies when the Constitution was ratified.

There would have seemed to be no reason at all to include that unusual provision. Excerpt for Immigrant Hamilton – there were no other Founders NOT born on American soil nor any other prominent American with any chance of becoming President, except Hamilton. Remember this was 1788.

The idea of someone like Donald Trump coming out of nowhere to become President would have been impossible and preposterous in the 18th century. Only IMMIGRANT Alexander Hamilton could benefit from this Constitutional provision.  Keep in mind, Alexander Hamilton as a New Yorker, was one of the delegates to and that drafted and ratified the U.S. Constitution.

And while none of Hamilton’s ‘fingerprints” are on that provision, anyone who knows about Hamilton well, would know he would never would have wanted his possible involvement in the drafting of that provision to be known, because doing so ,would have undermined its value for Hamilton becoming President.

Now back to SLAVERY. As far as I know, I am the “leading” proponent of the logic that the basis for the unnatural all-encompassing HATRED Jefferson and his Circle had for Hamilton and their unstoppable relentless determination to DESTROY Hamilton, was their FEAR of Hamilton becoming President.

WHY? It should be obvious to all that anti-slavery Hamilton, the most brilliant leader in America GUARANTEED as President, would have ENDED slavery in America – not at once – but he would have created the path, inspired the momentum, transformed Congress, and rallied the nation to END Slavery, and I believe much, much earlier, and without a horrible Civil War.

Today, those of us in Lower Manhattan, where Hamilton spent almost his entire life and is buried in Trinity churchyard, and even more like me centered at Bowling Green – both Lower Manhattan and Bowling Green synonymous with Hamilton for many reasons – have the privilege of walking in Hamilton footsteps every day and stand where he stood again and again.

Beginning with his arrival from the Caribbean as a young teenager, to the start of his revolutionary fervor, to his military career – first as a Captain in the New York Militia stationed here at the Battery, then honored here with a huge parade for leading the successful fight to ratify the Constitution, later as a civic, business and legal leader, as a resident and lawyer here at Bowling Green, and sadly and finally Hamilton’s funeral procession after his murder passing Bowling Green then up Broadway to his funeral and burial at Trinity.

It is one of the great honors of my life to have this symbolic opportunity to cast my vote for President in 2020 for Alexander Hamilton, who is dead but who is very much alive today, and in many ways is the Greatest American who ever lived, and America’s Greatest Immigrant, and absolutely …

Alexander Hamilton, the Greatest American who was never President.

Alexander Hamilton, who would have been President if not for his enemies.

There is so much more to say and write about Alexander Hamilton, but now it is time for me to vote! 

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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