Trump’s America – Episode #1 – Trump Card

It’s My Turn!
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It’s My Turn!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 20, 2017:  Finally it is Time. ….

To ring out the old and in the new. …

Whatever that may bring.

I may find it more challenging to slam President Donald Trump week after week because the expectations are so low from my perspective as a Progressive Democrat.

President Barack Obama was such an easy target providing me more material than I could ever use because he set our expectations so high and began his Presidency 8 years ago with so much support and a Democratic Congressional majority and all he did was protect the Status Quo.

With all his faults, Donald Trump is a more intriguing figure so far than Obama and he has managed to make Obama look small by displaying a style that is far more imaginative than Barack Obama ever did. And Donald Trump has the ability to surprise us by not being the regressive whacko he has so often been since becoming a Presidential candidate.

I am not counting on it at all but as much as he is a rich product of the Status Quo, Trump might even counter to it in ways Obama never ever did because Barack Obama craves the approval of the rich and powerful while Donald Trump sees himself as able to rule over them if he chooses. Will he?

What is most troubling is how the Democratic Party Elite, which is completely bankrupt and delivered the Presidency to Donald Trump, is acting since the election, which  plays right into Trump’s hands..

All these LOSERS are doing is proving they have nothing to offer real Democrats or the nation. Their tactics and goal is crystal clear – to so demonize and undermine Trump that they think Americans will want to return to their pathetic version of the Status Quo represented by Obama.

The power is in Trump’s hands as of Noon today, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017,  to allow them to be successful by being the Donald Trump they want him to be – the ridiculous unethical regressive figure they portray him and using ammunition Trump has so often supplied them ……

OR Trump may be far ,far smarter than they want him to be and if he is NOT like so many of the other Republicans who managed to make Obama and the Democrats look good when they weren’t, he may DESTROY them.

I am ambivalent, because the Brian Dead Democrats represented by the Con Artists Bill & Hilary Clinton and Barack & Michelle Obama and all their suck up rich and powerful inner circle, have NO place in the future of the Democratic Party. They are the DEATH of the Democratic Party.

President Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is not them – he will feed off them just as he did gaining what he never should have been able to – becoming President. Their legacy and Obama’s legacy is President Donald Trump.

Trump’s worst nightmare is a NEW Democratic Party that owes nothing to the Status Quo Junkies like Obama and Clinton and that is based on a truly PROGRESSIVE agenda instead of offering nothing but Trump bashing.

Donald Trump can never free himself completely from Republican orthodoxy because he needs the Republican base and pliant Republican Congress so he will be tied to many Republican positions that are NOT in the best interests of most Americans. So he needs a Democratic Party without NEW ideas, that just keeps attacking him personally and without imaginative alternatives to offer forcing many Americans to see Trump as  a VICTIM like them no matter how illogical that may be.

Trump understands this and so he “encourages” the regressive in the Democratic Party with “red meat” in tweets and elsewhere they just can’t resist and they don’t. They take the bait, led by the likes of Chuck Schumer.

An instructive example was old John Lewis obviously being encouraged to get some air time by delivering the ultimate insult to Donald Trump – calling him in fact a fake President. So Trump responds – not inappropriately or stupidly as the Comedy News Network (CNN)- by ranting and raving without end. Rather Trump responded in a way that would show the Elite Democrats are complete hypocrites – praising Lewis for insulting Trump but condemning Trump for making an obvious point about Lewis’ failures.

What should be mind boggling is that these Brain Dead Democrats and their media partners at the Comedy News Network are continuing to use the same tactics that got Trump elected! Just for their STUPIDITY these dinosaurs who masquerade as Democrats need to be put out to pasture forever.

Yes, I am holding my fire on Trump until next week, when he is President. I slammed him hard during the campaign as a sidebar to the real subject of Obama’s America. It really becomes Trump’s America at noon  today, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 and I will respond to his first week in the next episode.

As for Barack Obama, you could bet on it – although he will be living in luxury just 5 minutes from the Capital – no he won’t be driven there Friday afternoon after he is no longer President. He could not resist one last long ride in his favorite Presidential toy, Air Force One which he will take for a vacation in Palm Springs at one of his super rich friends’ mansions.

As for me, unlike John Lewis and some others, I will watch the Inaugural.

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.