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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 25, 2019:  No, it is not too soon. It is the right time to get in the ring.


With more Democrats announcing for President and plenty more to come, it is time to get ready for the battles to come. POW, POW, POW!!

Separate the Lightweights from the Heavyweights. Those who know how to fight and win and those who don’t.

Those who are just NOT Trump; those who are much more!

Those who know it is NOT about Donald Trump but all about who can lead the Democratic Party and the nation into the FUTURE and win the 2020 election by inspiring CHANGE to transform our nation for a new century.

ASIDE … is the above my best opening EVER? I think so!! Continue …

There is a very big LITMUS test for these candidates to pass. Most will not. They will either be too scared or too clueless or in many cases they are part of the problem not the solution. The problem NOT the solution.

I have not been shy or fearful here in Trump’s America and in Obama’s America earlier, between them both in over 400 episodes so far in addressing the REAL problem Democrats face. A lack of vision and leadership.

We need candidates who will denounce the failure of the OLD Guard, their complicit and often active participation in destroying our future. What I am doing in this episode is truly taking off the gloves ….

Speaking Truth to Bullshit; challenging the Democratic field to WAKE up.

We need REAL change in America and the world. Not exchange the Republican version of the powerful elites for the Democratic version again. The biggest “threat” to Trump is real progress; he is so bad it makes it easy for Democrats running for President to CON us into believing that just getting rid of Donald Trump with them is all we need in a new President.

SORRY that does not work for the Democratic Party or America.

NOW here is where the gloves come OFF.

For any Democratic candidate to prove they are a CHANGE Master for the future, it is not Donald Trump they need to denounce most of all – that has already been very well done – the REAL test will they denounce …..

the OLD Democratic Party that got us into this mess and has no future?

Those Status Quo Junkies who are nothing more than a superficially gentler and kinder version of the Republican Status Quo Junkies!

Time to name names!!! None of my readers will be surprised that at the top of this List are Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, SHOCKER yes Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden. OLD Guard. USA, LLC

I will not waste my time or yours digging into Nancy, Chuck, Hillary and Bill. Much better to use Barack, Michelle and Joe to make the case. Because so, so many of the Clueless see these 3 LOSERS as Winners for the future.

In fact, among many on the Democratic side, these three are even Worshipped. What they actually represent is the path to our DESTRUCTION, taking us down a road to a Dead-end win or lose in 2020.

Wake up; they are Status Quo JUNKIES, fooling us with their phony images and fake rhetoric fully aided and abetted by the Democratic Party Elites. SAY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN… Who gave us Donald Trump?

How can I dare call Barack Obama a FAILURE as President along with his 2 sidekicks – his mate Michelle Obama and Joe Biden his Vice President?

It is easy to do so simply by not being fooled by them.

Let me list Obama’s key failures for you …

1) First and foremost, the one big achievement he and others claim for him is Obamacare. This was nothing more than a very big gift to the medical and drug industry. Allowing them to go on their merry way while screwing most Americans and coning us into thinking Obamacare was “revolutionary.”

I am not going into details again here; I have done it plenty in prior episodes.

2) President Barack Obama did NOTHING for African-Americans except wealthy and famous Black Americans who got to party in The White House. Obama did not even speak out forcefully about police violence against African-Americans until well into his Second Term.

What he certainly did not do at all is travel to the many depressed largely Black communities across America demanding far better for them. Barack Obama was and is much like the other Most Famous African-American, Tiger Woods. Both contend they are for “everyone” and no need to focus special attention on African-American or Latino-American discrimination.

3) The ever-greater concentration of wealth and power in America continued to get worse during the 8 years of the Obama Presidency. Do NOT insult me with the nonsense that was beyond his control. Obama could have very effectively used his vaulted rhetorical skills to attack inequality all the time, but he did not. Instead he rarely if ever addressed the issue at all, let alone push any legislative agenda to seriously decrease inequality in America.

4). The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression was caused by the unbridled GREED of the rich and powerful. Just like Obamacare, here President Obama is ridiculously given credit for managing the economy back to health. What he did was ensure all the super-rich individuals and corporations who caused the debacle were given hundreds of billions of FREE govt funds to come out of this richer than ever. While not one of these individuals were indicted by the Obama Administration for their crimes.

5) President Barack Obama is more responsible than any other individual for Hillary Clinton being nominated as the Democratic Party candidate for President in 2016 which resulted in the election of Donald Trump.

It was nothing less than a conspiracy between Obama and Clinton, for Obama to have used his power and influence to clear the field for Hillary and screw the rest of us. There should have been a very active list of candidates for President. Instead all we got was non-Democrat and socialist Bernie Sanders, virtually hopeless challenge against Hillary.

6) But most of all, all of the above fit “nicely” within Obama’s core FAILURE. We elected him because he promised CHANGE we could believe in but it was nothing but a cynical campaign theme what we got and another completely typical Status Quo Democratic Party President.

So where does this and all these losers leave us for 2020 …

In desperate need of Democratic candidates for President who will tell the Truth and distance themselves from the politics of Nancy, Chuck, Hillary, Bill, Barack, Michelle ad Joe and all those Democrats like them and ….

Offer us a NEW Democratic Party and a REAL plan for CHANGE that will address core issues not waste our time on band aid proposals.

We need the kind of President Obama said he would be, but NEVER was.

We need lots of immediate new legislation but much more we need it in the context of a 4 – 8-year business plan for a NEW America for 21st century.

An America is which fairness, opportunity and EQUALITY for all rules based on REAL plans with any of them as President to reach these goals.

 (This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 

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