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THe-US-Russian-MadnessBy Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 31, 2017:  I am NO fan of Donald Trump. Did not vote for him and will not. But Trump’s America is about The Truth which is most important. Donald Trump is far from the only IDIOT or hypocrite in government. They are legions in the Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal and Independent Parties.

They are all over the lot and as common as the rats who scurry all over the Capitol late at night and live in the sewers during the day eating garbage. God bless them all since none of us should here in Trump’s America.

The purpose of the Abbot & Costello of the so called Democratic “leadership” rhymes with ‘ship of fools’ Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and their pliant RAT pack of Senators and Congress Members is to DESTROY Donald Trump, whatever the cost to America and our future. Why? Because their interest is power at any cost and the parallel goal of feeding the corrupt Democratic Party elites, aka the Obamas and the Clintons inner circles.

Which brings me to RUSSIA – this week’s theme. Russia is a corrupt oligarchy just like China, just like North Korea, just like Saudi Arabia, just like Pakistan, just like so, so many other pathetic governments the United States calls its allies. Saudi Arabia is not different from Russia and the less despotic Iran, the other subject of unrelenting American wrath. Both Russia and Iran have flawed democratic institutions while China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and others have none?

Meaning both Russia and Iran could be more like the United States, very imperfect but far better than China or Saudi Arabia. Except the U.S. government makes sure it is certain that will not happen by branding Russia and Iran public ENEMIES #1. EVIL Empires!  Russia most of all of course!

President Donald Trump is fully on board; in fact he is a leader who is relentlessly trashing everyone and anything Iranian. If he only could, Trump would bomb the crap out of Iran tomorrow and bomb them back to the Stone Age to the endless delight of both Saudi Arabia and Israel – who share a hatred of Iran.

But then there is Russia – a very different story both for Trump and his enemies. Russia is something unique today that speaks volumes. although we have much more limited space here in Trump’s America and this episode is to explore the mess that is the American government that Russia illuminates …

Russia proves why we should fear many of our American political so-called leaders for the very same reason they tell us to FEAR Russia and Putin …

For manipulating all of us and the American government. Both Democrats and Republicans clowns like so called Senator John McCain are not relentlessly attacking Russia not because it is in America’s interest to do so but because it serves the Democratic Party interest using Russia to destroy the Trump Presidency. Republicans like McCain who want to pay back Trump for trashing them during the election.

If Russia was not the ultimate weapon to use against Trump, there is a very good chance Russia would have been the best means for President Donald Trump to do something useful as President by negotiating a GRAND BARGAIN with Russia here in the Real World, where there are no perfect agreement, where the United States gets everything and more and the other side in this case, Russia, gets nothing at all but more grief.

What Oligarch Vladimir Putin wants more than anything else is to be seen as a world leader alongside the likes of the Americans, the British, the Germans and even the Chinese President, all who get so much more respect and mutual admiration. Meanwhile, all Vladimir  Putin and Russia get from the rest of them is demonized as much as is possible for doing the same things the rest of them are doing – putting his and his country’s interest first any way he can …

And yes, even hacking into American computer networks just like the U.S. hacks into Russia’s and lots of other governments computer networks, and trying to influence the elections in foreign lands just like the U.S. and other governments, we call our friends and allies do all the time.

How about killing innocent civilians in places like Syria and Iraq? Anybody in Congress been watching the news the last few days? How many civilians did U.S. bombers kills the last few days? S0me reports say hundreds showing the same lack of respect for human life the Russian military has often displayed.

What about Russia invading Crimea where many ethnic Russians live, which is a vital port for Russian national interests? HORRIBLE!

Has the U.S. ever invaded any small countries? The United States record of invading small Latin American, South American and Caribbean countries during the 20th century in the name of American security and national interests is hard to top. The U.S. set the standard in the 20th century!

So agreed Russia is a Bad Actor; sometimes a Very Bad Actor in a world filled with Bad Actors. Governments who do things all the time the United States and the world would be better off if they did not.

So let me ask my very intelligent readers who display their intelligence by reading Trump’s America and not the IDIOTIC self serving hypocrites who fill the halls of Congress – both Republicans and Democrats ….

So are we more likely to creating a Better World having Trump negotiating a Grand Bargain with Putin and the Russians? One that is adhered to by both the Russians and us and that produces a safer world with less violence and that has both Russia and us producing useful cooperation between Russia and America on a host of issues and reducing military spending  OR  …

Are we better off making it impossible such negotiations will ever take place during the Trump Presidency by making it impossible for Trump to even speak with Putin, let alone negotiate a Grand Bargain that serves us well?

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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